Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cold feet, warm heart

My sweet retro-namesake leaves for New York tomorrow. She was so cold while she was here, I finally took pity and turned up my thermostat for her . . . ahhhhhh, what luxury. I have been dialing down for so long that I had forgotten what a warm house was like this time of year. No shiver of dread as I push back the covers, no morning shock as I race to the bathroom to do my necessaries. It has been a real treat. Soon I will be in Sanibel for a couple of weeks, where I willingly jump up on (much warmer) mornings to comb the beach for shells, but I will return to frigid Michigan workday mornings after that. Thank goodness the little namesake will be back for Christmas so that I can get warm again! In the meantime, I will get back to doing my part to save fuel. I am getting to old for these cold nights alone, if I were a better environmental activist, I'd start looking for a warm body to warm my feet against!


Snowbird said...

Enjoy your trip to Sanibel. No need to race to the bathroom on frigid mornings. You can take your time--although at our age, maybe you should hurry just a little :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Snowbird. LOL! You're right about hurrying, but on Sanibel at least I never need to shiver in the process!