Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Well, thank goodness, the Namesake has safely arrived in NOLA land. She was happy when I talked to her, and said that the building man helped her carry her bags in. I am not surprised, and I smile as I picture her, a small pretty woman, dragging a 50-pound carpet bag in each hand, walking deliberately toward her new home in her 3-inch stiletto heels. (But it was a nice change from New York, where she was greeted by the theft of her MAC cosmetics, and tried to comfort herself that at least it was a High Fashion crime.) She also met a neighbor, CG, and CG gave her an air mattress, which will be a big help until she gets furniture moved in. I envy her, I was always the sensible one, the “smart” one, but there is a side of me that yearns to break out and go on adventures like the Namesake dares to do.


Snowbird said...

Good luck to the Namesake. My daughter was always the adventurous one too. Taking off on her own for L.A. after growing up in smalltown NW Ohio or backpacking across Europe for 6 weeks are just a couple of examples. I would rather stay at home in familiar surroundings.

gpc said...

LOL! You make me laugh, Snowbird! You have done such daring (and even dangerous) things with CROW. You are one of my heros!

Snowbird said...

Awww shucks (kicking the ground with her toe). I guess if you call dumpster diving for raccoons daring and dangerous, you are right. Dumb but daring!!

As I said though, good luck to the Namesake. Keep us posted.