Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If it walks like a duck . . .

The grandkids (and their parents) and I went to play in a local park last Sunday. I love seeing them, my face hurts after they leave from smiling so much, which makes me realize how little I smile otherwise.
While the kids were playing, some other parents tipped us off that we should keep the kids away from a large bouncy platform shaped like a fire engine. There was a mother mallard underneath, annoyed as all get out and pushing herself flatter and flatter on her next as kids jumped up above.

We don’t have the advantage of CROW here, but I figured it was a city park so I called the city park office. They said it was not their job to protect a duck. Then I called the city police and asked them if they could just tape it off to warn parents to keep their kids off for a few more days. They said no, they did not think there was any reason to do that. Then I called the Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Division (the same people who bring us Ding Darling and other wonderful refuges) and they asked me if I would buy a roll of caution tape and tape the area off. I asked them if I could do that when the city told me it wasn’t necessary, and they said it didn’t matter because (as I already believed) the protection of waterfowl is a federal matter.
So I stopped by my local hardware store on the way home, hightailed it back to the park (where the mama was again hissing while kids jumped up above, not knowing she was there) and barricaded the little nursery. I talked to several parents there and told them what I was doing, and they were all for it.
Sadly, I am a little afraid that bringing attention to the nest could itself be dangerous, but I am trying to believe in the best of human nature . . . even so, I’ll be checking back there every day or so. There always has been a busy-body in me, yearning to come out!


Snowbird said...

Way to go!! See, you are a wildlife rescuer too. If there were only more people like you who would take an interest, places like CROW wouldn't have so many patients.

gpc said...

LOL! The difference between us is that I am willing and able to tip toe around a critter that wants to pretend I'm not there, while YOU go in to save critters against tooth, claw, beak, and bill!

Michelle said...

congrats! You won the yogurt coupons in my giveaway! Just send me your address when you get the chance!

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Hey there... if you don't mind, send me an email with your email address in it (It doesn't come through from your comments). I wanted to ask you something off-blog!


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