Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a prize!

What fun, I was a winner in the Bloggy Carnival, and promised a prize from Pretty Posh Princess! Because of this and that, my prize didn't arrive until last week, but it was totally worth the wait -- these absolutely adorable shoes by Aleja LAkroy for my absolutely adorable granddaughter! Not yet two years old, she is already a fashion diva when it comes to shoes, so she was very happy to get this unexpected pair. And oh! what shoes! They are apple green, with pretty pink bows, and they are soft and comfortable. But best of all, they have a special hidden surprise - although it doesn't stay t hidden for very long. They SQUEAK! There are squeakers embedded in each heel, so that every step is a musical delight. My little sweetie-pie-pie loves the sounds she makes when she walks in those shoes - and you should hear it when she jumps! It was so much fun to watch her - this is what I hear and see: step, squeak, shout "I squeaking!", jump, squeak squeak, laugh laugh laugh! (And we never had to wonder where she was!) I wanted to take a picture of the shoes on her feet, but they never held still long enough. These are the cutest shoes I've ever seen - but maybe not for trips to the library or for church!


Snowbird said...

Give it a day or two and I bet her mommy will take those squeakers and hide them. :-) They are adorable though.

gpc said...

I suspect you may be right about that Snowbird - that's just another one of the nice things about being the grandma!

Fenridal said...

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