Friday, July 11, 2008

A learnable moment

I had some time to walk with my grandson this week. He is growing up so fast and doesn't need to hold my hand on the sidewalk but he often reaches for it -- and I love it. Besides, on this particular day he was feeling kind of puny, as my brother used to say. Flattering shot of me, huh? But it was a good reminder to me that environmental action can take many forms, including attention to diet. As Michael Pollen says, Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. Can we save the world, or part of it, one cookie at a time? I can see from this photo that it wouldn't hurt to try!


Snowbird said...

I love that photo. What a great idea. And yes, I am trying to save the world, one cookie at a time. And some ice cream, cake, chips etc also. I didn't even have to look at my shadow to know that I needed to slim down a bit. I hate diets but I guess they are necessary once in awhile, huh?

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Oh, what a sweet shot. I have been wanting to read Michael Pollen's book. That's awesome advice... Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. Who needs food pyramids and food groups!?

I have to admit... I am eating a chocolate chip cookie as I write this!

gpc said...

I loved and really recommend Pollen's 'Omnivore's Dilemma' -- even putting aside the serious and thought provoking ideas it raises, I had no idea that it's possible to collect your own wild yeast! I can't wait to try it this winter (baking weather), and I found a 'King Arthur' book that tells how to collect and use wild yeast.