Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fast Failure

It is a very good thing that I didn't sign up for the Spending Fast because, if I had, I'd be on my way to Sunday confession. This afternoon, my sister and I went to our new local outdoors-with-dogs-fountains-and-a-fireplace mall because I decided to return a gift she had given me. (My sister is the Ultimate Shopper. She is always giving me something.) Good so far. No money going out, money returning to my sister. Practically nobel right?

But we were hungry, so of course we had to eat at PFChangs, where of course I had to have the blue adult beverage they call the Pool. Now that I think of it, maybe that's what caused my resolve to slip downhill afterward.

Walking by the Gap, I saw the cutest dress in the window, and they had it in Size 2! You might guess from my shadow that I am not exactly a Size 2 . . . but fortunately my granddaughter is! My sister said that I had to get the coordinating sweater (because it MADE the outfit), but I refused to buy the shoes . . . I definitely drew the line there, if only because I am not sure what size she's in now (and I can always go back!)

After that, I remembered that I was out of foundation so we ran into Sephora, where I always spend too much for too little. By days end, between the fruits, veggies, dress , makeup, dinner and drinks ... oh yes, and the peppermint ice cream I picked up on the way home ... I don't even want to think how much I spent. But I loved my corn and peaches lunch, the peppermint ice cream is soooo good, and I think that baby girl will look adorable in the dress. I'm afraid I'm not feeling too regretful about any of it.


Snowbird said...

Hey, I wouldn't be regretful either. My son has told us that when we die he doesn't care if we leave him an inheritance--just don't leave him any bills!

Tink *~*~* said...

You know, that "blue adult beverage" sounds delightful! Any idea what is in it? If it's called the "Pool" I bet it's refreshing.

Also, just found out via a post on Snowbird's blog that you are "Sandpail Gail". I had no idea, but glad to be in touch with you.

Have an awesome weekend. :D

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

gpc said...
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gpc said...

Hi Tink, Yup, I'm that gail, I was originally supposed to be San'pail gail, to blur the sand/sanibel line but it didn't get registered that way! I've enjoyed reading your comments for lo these many years!

Anonymous said...

Well....I had NO idea either! Isn't it amazing how Sanibel brings people together from every direction. :-)

Hello once again Ms SandPail Gail, it's nice getting better acquainted.