Saturday, August 2, 2008


There was a honey booth at the little Park farmers market today, the first time I've seen one there, and to my surprise the owner was from the nearby suburb where my sister lives. He says he keeps bees in Roseville and Warren, the last places I would have looked for a beekeeper. Who knew? He had wildflower, thistle, buckwheat honey, and palmetto honey from his winters in Florida. Unfortunately, by the time I found him, I'd spent most of the money in my pockets on Michigan corn, tomatoes and peaches, so I could only buy one small jar. (spending confession: I only needed one jar, but I wanted to buy more for other people.) So I am making a Saturday lunch of corn and peaches, and planning on tomatoes and pasta for tomorrow. I love everything I eat this time of year. I love weekends.

I'd never seen the honey guy at the market before, but I hope he will be back next week. I do like to have a variety of honeys and I am always happy to buy local stuff. And I am intrigued by beekeeping. It is so important, and such a fragile little system. If only I weren't so bug phobic I would consider having a hive -- or at least a hive fantasy . . . I wonder if I could get over that at this late date?


Snowbird said...

Oooo, love tomatoes, corn and peaches. And honey too. As for the hive--I think I would let the guy have them and you just buy the honey from him. Nothing worse than hives. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I could live on tomatoes! Being raised on a farm and always having our own garden, I really miss fresh vegetables.