Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a Gail needs

I joined the Tink bandwagon and tried the Google Game -- it's a simple enough game, just google your first name followed by the word "needs", and then list the first 10 results. When I googled "gail needs," I got these answers. Really.

1. Gail needs to ask for her drinks the same time she is asking how late the bar is open then she might be served more promptly. (gail obviously has a lot to learn from google.)

2. Gail needs some cheer me up free dating. (you have no idea.)

3. Gail needs some easy instructions to speed up my computer. (I am definitely not as proficient on my mac as on my pc at work, but I didn't think I was that bad.)

4. Gail needs a knife. (no comment.)

5. Gail needs to separate its gas trading business from gas transmission activity. (Hmmmmm.)

6. Gail needs time. (yes, please.)

7. Gail needs to step away. (I have been a little edgy lately.)

8. Gail needs a copy editor. (gail is getting annoyed with google.)

9. Gail needs to secure LPG supplies. (Is gail going camping or into survival mode?)

10. Gail needs some much needed rest. (Amen.)


Snowbird said...

Isn't that a fun game? What a riot.
Wouldn't you love to know who has the time to sit around and think up all of these silly games? LOL.

gpc said...

I'd love to BE someone who came up with these silly games! That would mean I was both clever AND a lady of leisure!