Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday on Sanibel

I went out to the beach in the dark this morning (don't know why since I forgot to bring a flashlight and it was dark as, well, as night) and it was cold and windy. I ran back to the timeshare for another coat, to wear on top of my 3 t-shirts, 2 fleece shirts, and thermal vest. Found my winter headband, too, to cover my ears. I was still cold, and my fingers went numb almost immediately!

After half an hour of walking in the dark for no particular reason, I began to see shapes. Although several people told me later that it was a 'terrible' shelling day, I have never had a bad day at the beach, and I had fun today.

I saw the usual huge and gorgeous, but alive, whelk - there are always a few on Lighthouse beach. Sea urchins were blown everywhere, there were sponges of every imaginable shape, color and size, and tons of live bi-valves (although they were not clicking as actively as they did yesterday!) I saw lots of tulips and fighting conchs, and of course, since I complained yesterday that I had not seen any intact olive shells, I saw a bunch of those, too. I restrained myself from picking up any more fighting conchs, but discovered a pocket full of olives when I returned to the timeshare. How DOES that happen?