Friday, September 25, 2009

Karma? I demand a recount!

It isn't over yet -- add to the list these tidbits: the previous mortgage holders and title company on house #2 assured us that the foreclosure notice was a mistake. Then their repo people busted down the door and changed the locks.

And then the electric company left me a note saying that there is something wrong with a wire leading into my house from a wire they replaced earlier this month, and that they will shut off my electricity in 10 days if I don't fix it.

Consider: I do not lie cheat or steal. I do NOT cheat on my taxes. I am not generally unkind, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I do not kick puppies or small children. I am helpful and loyal, true to my girl scout upbringing. I appreciate my many blessings, I have never been greedy. Dogs and cats like me. Old people (except for my mother) have always liked me, too. I have lived a chaste life (mostly against my will, but still). I know there are many stinkers out there who have never had a string of events like I've experienced this year, and that's fine, I wish them no ill. But come on, Karma, I am not the one you are looking for!


Snowbird said...

I think Karma is Konfused. He needs to take a hike! Things have to get better Gail!!

Gayle said...

If I could catch Karma I'd kick her a**! She's been messing with me for awhile now and I'm pretty sure I don't deserve it! I hope things start looking up soon.

Mommy Bee said...

I've been browsing your blog since your sweet comment at my OWOH post earlier today. I suppose our ages put us a generation apart, but I find I relate to a great deal of what you have written here. This post definitely hits the nail on the head for my last week--my 3yo and baby got sniffles and coughs, then sweetly shared them with I was getting up multiple times a night to help them already, and then my Hubby broke his leg and is pretty totally useless for things like helping with bedtime, or doing dishes, or even driving (I've been shuttling him to work every day). It seems that when we're trying the hardest to do the most good in the world, some of the worst things seem to fly at us.
It's frustrating enough to make me go make some brownies and eat the whole pan myself. Well, ok, maybe I'll make two pans because I suspect a bunch of little boys (and a big boy) here will want some too. :)