Friday, December 11, 2009

Head over heels

It was a good news/bad news morning. The good: I had some better-than-it's-been luck shelling at Blind Pass this morning -- I think it will be fabulous shelling at low tide, but I shell by time and not by tide (sigh). Still, there were enough large shells to bruise my ankles and feet, and I even managed to catch a lace murex and a few odds and ends, nothing spectacular, but fun. The bad: I had my camera and phone zipped into my pocket when one of the big waves knocked me over and down flat. I am not happy about being camera and phone-less, but I do love the embrace of a big, warm wave!


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Glad you are having good luck shelling. Sorry to hear about your camera and phone. Have you dried them out and tried them again?? It's amazing, but once in a while, they will actually work again after they are dried out. Maybe worth a try. **Or maybe you'd rather not have the phone bugging you!!**

Snowbird said...

Oh no!! That's why I don't go out in the waves. Well, that and I like to see what is swimming around my ankles! LOL. Anyway, sorry about the phone and camera. That's a bummer. See you tomorrow at the Cafe.