Thursday, December 17, 2009

What a wonderful finish!

Good-bye beach. Good-bye sun. Good-bye shells.

Hello cold. Hello dreary. Hello ice.

My last morning on Sanibel - the morning walk was really glorious. Not much in the way of shells, of course, because there was a wonderful very low tide, so I got to see the usual huge live whelks and tulips that live off the lighthouse beach, and the beds of live sand dollars (I always want to set up barriers to protect them. People are so careless and often step on them or pull the living shells out of the sand.)

But the coolest things: one of the ospreys caught a fish that was a few inches longer than he was, and he sat on top of a light post to scream at the would-be robbers and eat. I would have loved to see the catch itself, but he was landing on the post when I noticed him. I love the ospreys, with their amazing skill and vaguely x-rated cry.

And most amazing of all, something I've never seen and don't know what was. When I stopped for a minute to scan the horizon, a couple inches of a snapping head suddenly popped out of the sand in front of me, it looked like the first couple inches of a small snake, hinged jaws snapping as it emerged. I watched it go in and out of the sand for several minutes -- reminded me of the scene in one of the star wars movies where the sand worm lunges out (only smaller, thank goodness!) And OF COURSE I didn't have a camera! Can you tell me what it was, coastal friends?

And now, home to the cold and snow that I hate and the family that I love. Life is so full of mixed messages.

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Snowbird said...

I have no idea what you saw in the sand. Kind of creepy I'd say. Glad you made it home ok. As they say in the south--not this south-- but the Georgia, Alabama etc kind of south--Ya'll come back now, ya hear??