Friday, February 5, 2010

Liking list #1

Over the years, people have suggested that I should make a list of things I like, as a way of finding what kind of work I might love.  A brainstorming type of list, with no internal edits, with no concern for whether my 'likes' have anything to do with a particular job description.    I have lots of likes but not very many job skills and I have never seen the sense in this exercise, but I begin my list up here -- does anyone see my perfect job in all of this? -

*I like a drink before dinner.     And wine with my meal.    Both are things I rarely have, because I generally eat alone, and do not usually drink by myself.
*I like to watch people, and animals.   My animal watching has been most fulfilling on Sanibel and in Alaska.    People are interesting everywhere.
*I like to find seashells.    Sanibel is the mother-lode.
*I like computers.   I like to type on them, I like to research things on them, I like to play on them (by looking things up or reading about other people and places).
*I like conversation.    I spent most of my 23-year career alone in an office.    I am mostly alone now.
*I like coffee.
*I like to do volunteer work.   I am more comfortable with real people than with suits.    I have the same qualifications some professionals do and I know that I'm not that special, so I am confused when they seem to think they are.
*I like being in a relationship.    Very few years of my life have been spent "coupled," but it was what I always wanted.
*I like to listen to my grandchildren.  They are endlessly fascinating to me.
*I like the ideas that are involved in philosophy and religions.   I do not pretend to know where the truth lies, but I enjoy the search and am open to all ideas.   I think I am not judgmental about other people's beliefs.
*I like to learn about the ways that people have interpreted their lives and the world throughout the ages; I have great respect for the human spirit and compassion for human hurt.
*I like to write.
*I like natural beauty, the sound of the ocean surf, the whisper of the wind in trees, the colors in the sky, the drama of a storm.
*I like to be by the water, but don't need to do water activities like boating or skiing or fishing.
*I like animals but don't need to own one.
*I like quiet, without artificial noise.
*I like to be alone.
*I like to be with people.
*I am rarely bored.
*I like pretty things, sparkly things, bright things, from frost on a window or ice on a branch to diamonds and sapphires.
*I like peace and harmony; I avoid conflict.
*I like to learn new things and really understand them.  I am interested in almost everything but have no specific passion.
*I like trying new recipes.   It doesn't matter to me so much whether they are successful or not.
*I like old blues, old new orleans-style jazz, the early rolling stones, tim buckley, a variety of music, but I rarely seek it out.
*I like to wear jeans and baggy t-shirts.  It would be nice to be pretty, but I really like to be comfortable.
*I like to know what I am doing, I'm not keen on winging it.
*I like seeing new places.   I always wanted to live in different places, maybe a year or so in each.   That ship has sailed, but I still love the idea.  The first thing my brother or I do when we visit a new place is check the classifieds for jobs and apartments, just in case.
*I like food, too much.   I can over-eat anything, from kale to cookies.   I am addicted to sugar.
*I like to let my mind wander.
*I like to give people presents; I like to give to family of course, but I love giving things even to people I don't or barely know for no reason if I see something I think they'd like (a trait I share with my sister).    The world being what it is, I have to restrain myself in that.
*I like ideas.
*I like to do a job well: when I have an assignment, I will start early and stay late if I have to, and will revise and edit until I think it's right.  When I'm doing it, doing the job well is more important to me than money and, when I do contract work, I mentally charge by the job not by the hour.
*I like to work in spurts.   And then I need to let my mind go somewhere else so that it can work things through without my thinking about it.   I don't know how it works, but the resolution to whatever I'm working on falls into place in a timely fashion, and I depend on that happening.

That's a fair start.   Any job offers yet?


Kristal said...

LOL!! I can't offer you a job, but I like your list! And I can share in your frustration, things are tight here and have been for about 2 years. I am staying at home with the little one, but it's been a struggle. I've opened up the shop on-line, but not much success :0( But I refuse to give in! I too have made list of what I love and am still working on going in that direction with the shop.
Thanks so much for visiting my g blog and adding me to your favs-you brought a tear to me eye! Please stay in touch, and good luck to you! Something will come to you, when you least expect it!!


Gini said...

Hi there GPC,
Thank you so much for visiting me for the OHOW event.
I am not expert in careers, that's not my field of work but have you considered working in a shop to start with?
Preferably a craft shop or similar, so you can meet local people in a constructive and non- embarrassing way, earn a bit of money and hopefully regain your confidence enough to try something else if you want to.

Whatever you decide, I hope you have a happy and successful 2010, once you find your feet again.
Best wishes
A little bit of Shiny blog