Monday, May 17, 2010

May happenings

Life moves gently on, I am in a rather serene current and waiting until I get bored enough to swim out of it, or until all hell breaks loose, whichever comes first.   My garden looks mostly good; there are a ton of maple seeds that need to be pulled out but they haven't sprouted yet so I am hoping that they will simply turn into mulch.   My plants came through the repeated frosts mostly unscathed, and I hope they haven't lost the strength they need to produce now that the days are sunny and the nights are merely cool.    The cardinals, blue jays and squirrels are enjoying my bird bath, and I am enjoying watching them.   I am considering the destruction and elimination of a couple of small volunteer trees, to make way for trees of my choice.  My water lily is a non-starter so far and I've written to Roberta's nursery to see if their customer service is as wonderful as they claim it is. 

(Speaking of customer service, I also sent an email to B-Dry, a basement waterproofing company that my real estate agent told me waterproofed my basement, long before I moved here.   B-Dry answered immediately, looked up the account, confirmed that they did the work, and are sending me out a new warranty in my name.    A very nice surprise!  I wrote to Roberta's on the same day, so they are already less impressive than B-Dry, but I'm still hoping that they either tell me to just be patient or replace the lily.)

I signed up for a Zumba class, which starts tomorrow.   The blood test results from my yearly physical were not the very best, there is some indication that I am not in my 20s anymore, so I have convincing incentive to eat and exercise better.   

And I am daydreaming about a variety of fantasy vacations, so I have some incentive, too, to work on a more careful budget, to see if I can divert a penny here and there until there is a stash of travel cash.

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