Monday, June 7, 2010

Project 8

I am joining in a group undertaking called "Project 8," working to support the clean-up of animals affected by the gulf oil spill.   Project 8 is one of many charitable projects promoted  by a group of crafters I discovered on Facebook called Craft Hope.    They are calling out for people to make cotton clean up cloths (10"x10") and towels (14"x 27") that will be used to wipe oil off damaged wildlife.   Because it is a crafters' project, they are asking for handmade items, but they can be crocheted or knitted or made of recycled sheets and towels.    The link to Project 8 contains the guidelines.   The cloths and towels will be thrown away after they are used to clean birds, turtles and dolphins, so they're not looking for anything fancy.    People from all over the world are participating.      You can too.    Pack up your cloths or towels in sets of 10 and mail them to: Kimberly Davion, c/o IMMS Oil Spill Relief, 1700 East LaRua Street, Pensacola, Florida 32501 

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