Saturday, July 2, 2011

Keeping Cool

Above my small counter-top, my kitchen contains old, wooden, very low cupboards, too low for me to position a microwave (or much of anything) on the counter.    For those times when I need to defrost or reheat, I have been using a borrowed microwave, set on a kitchen chair, while considering my options.   Recently, for no good reason, in one of those they-shouldn't-have moments, my son and daughter (in law) got me a brand new microwave, installed the necessary electrical connections, and, today, my son installed it over my stove.    It looks great!   So on this much-too-hot-to-cook day, I've been micro-steaming edamame and reheating my homemade soup, sittin' pretty and stayin' cool.     I am a lucky mama.


Janet Bocciardi said...

Looks great! Good son and daughter-in-law! Enjoy.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

What a lovely gift from them! Very sweet!

I'll be in touch re doing some pages. Very busy right now with summer barreling full speed ahead!