Friday, July 8, 2011


I am on a recipe testing panel and finally received my first top secret recipe, for Spaghetti Al Vino Blanco.    It was easy and (relatively) quick to make, full of wine and cheesy goodness.    I am not allowed to share the recipe until after it is published, but I can tell you that it was good.    I thought it would be for adult tastes only, but found that my 6-year-old grandson really liked it.

This was a busy week at work, and the testing of my skills is a lot harder than testing recipes.   It can be impossible to reach through to people who have shut themselves in with grief and despair, and those times are so sad to watch, but it is amazing beyond words to meet with people who have come to terms with this part of life.   One sweet man told me that it made him feel better just to see how much I hated seeing him in pain over his wife's diagnosis.    So far, my 20-hour week is taking more energy than my 40-hour job used to.   I am still working on getting my bearings, figuring out where to place boundaries, and finding a workable schedule that doesn't leave me feeling On Duty all the time.

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