Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am thankful for so many things.   I am not exactly thankful for the colder weather, but I am thankful for my warm bed on cold nights, and for my forced air furnace in the mornings. 

I am thankful for hot soup simmering on my stove and for candles in my fireplace (My lovely fireplace is not functional.   But nobody's perfect, and it IS lovely, so I'm thankful).

I am thankful for my family.   I treasure my siblings, I adore my son and daughter in law (what a silly phrase),  words can't describe how I feel about my grandchildren, and I love my daughter.

I am thankful to have enough money to pay my bills.    My work brings me into contact with a lot of death, which makes me more thankful than ever for life.   I am thankful for the hospice families who share their journeys with me, for the lessons I am learning, and for the resulting peace they often allow me to witness.

I am thankful for the twinkly lights on the trees I will put up this weekend.   Something about twinkly lights just makes me smile.
I am thankful for a plan to walk the beaches of Sanibel at least one more time.   I will be thankful to bring home a few more shells.
I may not have everything I want, but I surely have everything I need.    I hope you do, too.

Happy Thanksgiving.


sue in mexico mo said...

I am also thankful for all the things I do have - including Sanibel! I like your house and I like your tree - the front yard one. . . I also like little white twinkly lights and candles in fireplaces.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Emily@theNest said...

I am thankful I have found you through your blog! Hope you have a really lovely one XX

Snowbird said...

I hope you will be able to spend many more times walking the beaches of Sanibel. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to our girl time when you are here.