Thursday, September 6, 2012

Worlds of Wonder

As most of you know, I spend my time with the dying, the dead, and the grieving. There can be overwhelming sadness, sometimes it sits like a rock on my spirit. But still, every so often, I witness a soul taking flight so clearly that words cannot define the experience. Death can be frightening and ugly and unsettling, I can't pretend otherwise. But sometimes it is so mystical as to be unbearably beautiful. Of course, that is unsettling, too. I was honored to witness one of those moments this week. Everyone in the room was shaken; the family didn't know whether to weep or rejoice, so they did a little of both. Hours later, they were still bubbling with a sort of excitement. I told them, but really I was speaking to myself, 'don't ever forget what this felt like.'


Unknown said...

yes. xo

Honey from the Bee said...

I am so curious...

I've been with relatives near the end, but never at the end. I've always worried that that would be the memory I'm left with and it would override so many more pleasant ones.

I admire what you do and know that you bring such solace to those in grief and worry. Bless you.