Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm a Winner-Winner-Winner!

I've neglected to post several prizes I've won over the past few months -- I love being a winner!

First from Selena Quilts, I received these adorable rice bags, the kind you can heat or chill to soothe your achy body -- this is what they looked like when they arrived (complete with adorable little candy bars!), before I filled them with rice and microwaved the heck out of them when I was sick at Christmas-time.   What a great gift idea, and what a comfort to me!
Selena told me that she makes little bags to put in her mittens, and I loved that idea as mini-gifts for next year.     Now I'm experimenting with different fillers, to see what holds the heat the longest.   
Next, I won this amazing fabric, with all kinds of sayings, just begging to be fancy-cut, from Quilt Doodle Designs.    It's a huge cut, with tons of different little sayings about faith and home and life.    What a generous gift,  I was so excited to receive it and have a million ideas for how to use it!
And THEN I got this cool package from Pauline the Quilt-n-Queen!   A daily 2013 journal -- which I really need because they didn't give us appointment books at work this year --  and a spool of silk thread (which, it turns out, is also good for tying flies. :)  )    Beautiful -- thanks, Pauline!

What have I been telling you?! -- BEST.  YEAR.   EVER!     And it's only February!  :) 

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