Friday, February 1, 2013

January Recap

January is over.   One month into the Best Year Ever, and time for a mini-review.    I am still walking almost every day, up to about two miles, and it is helping with stress and maybe even giving me a little more energy.   I haven't weighed myself, but I can pull my jeans off without unsnap/unzipping them, and that sure wasn't true a month ago.    
I am shooting about once a week, and getting (slowly, slowly) better.     Keith, the husband of a friend, beat me (badly) the last time we shot, and my goal is to regain my dignity by beating his record.   

After a couple of months, Mr. Might-Be-Wonderful turned into Mr. Let's-Be-Friends -- either a classic kiss off or the honest beginning of a new friendship, and I'll live with it either way.   We are none of us so elastic as we get older, and the meet 'n' greet sure gets harder.    I suggested that if he really wants to be friends,  he could think of someone to introduce me to, lol; I hope that wasn't snarky because he doesn't deserve that.   He's a good guy, I am very glad I met him, and it was good to be reminded how much fun the simplest things can be when you do them with someone.   I hope those lessons will make me more open to new adventures and relationships now, because I have closed myself in for too long and life is only getting shorter.  After a lot of years alone, I was able to convince myself that alone was okay with me and so this has shaken me a bit.    I am a little quirky and the men who interest me are few and far between, so I'm not going to hold my breath, but I plan to make a good faith effort.    And if I were to end up with no partner but a few new friends along the way, I would chalk it up as good. 
After getting rid of my cable service, I read three books, saw two movies, and taught myself Morse Code on a dare.   I have no idea what to do with that -- I don't have the equipment, I just do it in my head --  but I spell out traffic signs as I drive for practice.    (And it's great for crafting -- my stylized Morse Code pillow says "RELAX")   Now I wonder what other ridiculously fun things I can learn for no good reason.    But I no longer know who is on Bachelor or Biggest Loser, and no more HGTV, so people might differ as to whether this is a gain or a loss.  

I am learning new lessons every week at my job, although I am also wondering more often how long I will want to stay there.   As with many jobs, there are organizational irritations that can make a difficult job more difficult.   And increasingly, I am not sure how much more sadness I want to invite into my life; enough of it finds its way to our doors already.  

My de-cluttering project is still moving forward.    I started a few craft projects and they seem to pull in the opposite direction, so the progress isn't apparent to anyone but me, but I did empty one closet and I've sorted some stuff in the basement.   I am trying to begin by being more mindful about what I do and do not want and need.    No one needs the space at the moment, so I am not going to stress about it, but I'd like to have the house in better order by the end of the year.

So I have no complaints about January, but can't wait to see how February goes.   I'm starting the month by going to a FlyGirls retreat about three hours from home, where I plan to drink a lot of wine, hopefully get a massage, tie fishing flies, eat like crazy, and (if I don't chicken out) climb a rock wall. Perhaps I really am going off the deep end after all!     I know for sure that I will benefit from some distraction and a little me-time to help me shake off the disappointments of the last month.    I'll post about it if I survive, and of course I intend to survive.     I am still absolutely certain that this will be the Best Year Ever, if only because it's the year I'm privileged to be living.  


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I think you are doing a splendid job of keeping up with all your goals for the New Year.
I am proud of you and I know this is going to be your year.
So how come I missed that you were seeing a Mr Might Be Wonderful. Where have I been. He might turn out though to be a very good friend which we never have too many of those.
My friends here keep telling me I might just meet someone if I move to Georgetown. I am leaving it in God's hands but I agree with your friend I think you have to make room for someone in your life and I know I have not done that.
When I moved out here to the North Forty this ole farm house has one closet and no cabinets so after living in a home with closets in every room you can image how much stuff I got rid of. haha
Now this one closet is way over loaded with things that need to go and I will feel better when they do.
I am proud of you and your efforts to make this the best year ever. I need to make this my goal too.
My hanging on to the past has really held me back.
Keep up the good work.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great job on the walking! SO good for your health.

Sometimes it's better to find out sooner that Mr. Wonderful will be better as Mr. Friend, so that could have been a blessing in disguise. Don't sweat it.

I hope you climb that wall. I took a class on rock climbing once and it was so much fun!