Monday, February 4, 2013


What a weekend, bitter and sweet.  
I went to a FlyGirls outing this weekend, a 3-hour drive from home, and had a really fun time.   I tied some very cool flies, made beer-cap fishing lures (although we do not fish with lures, these sure are cute), and climbed the rock wall.    Oh yes I did!   Straight to the top, loved the trip down, and only broke four finger nails with my death-grip on the rock.     Definitely ridiculous fun!    A ridiculous spectacle of myself, too, as you can see from the less-than-flattering photos, lol.    Didn't get a massage because the massage therapist had a family emergency, but drank plenty of wine and had a relaxing time.

I drove home on Sunday and went straight to Center Courts, where I wiggle walked 2 1/2 miles.    I think I will probably feel every muscle and fiber of my old body this week!

So I was feeling pretty healthy and cocky.    My grandchildren helped bring it all back into perspective.   My grandson helpfully explained to me that, when he is old enough to make a movie, I will be more than 85 years old, probably in a wheelchair, and too frail to be one of his actors.    My granddaughter even more helpfully explained that I am already old.     What I heard (loud and clear) was: daylight's burning.     My future is not getting any longer.    Time to fit in more ridiculous fun, for sure.

I also lost a dear friend this weekend.    Nancy, of Sand Between My Toes, with typical gentleness, left our physical world and became part of the larger Universe.   She was an example to me of courage (she spent her retirement dumpster-diving for injured racoons and transporting pelicans and eagles to help with wildlife rehabilitation), filled with grace and humor, as well as a heck of a good friend.     I'll miss you Nancy.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Woo hoo - good for you - I am so proud of you for scaling that wall! Way to go. Now THAT was awesome!!

I never met Nancy in person, but I enjoyed her blog and emailed back and forth with her several times. What a wonderful spirit she had. I wish I could have met her in person. She will be missed.

Valspierssews said...

Looks like you are doing a great job on the rock wall.