Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day

We had snow last night, a bunch of it.    Now, I am not a fan, but it really is pretty.     I'm not sure how much we got here at my house, but a friend a city away measured over 13 inches at her house.     I know we didn't get THAT much, because I shoveled most of it.     I am surprised every year at how much I enjoy shoveling.    I have always thought that I wasn't a very physical person but now, between the rock wall and the shovel,  I'm thinking -- belatedly, for sure --- that I might have been wrong all these years.

I may also have gotten a little insight into why my grandchildren think I'm so danged old.    My son called this morning, upset with me that I hadn't waited to have someone else shovel my driveway.    Telling me I have to be more careful, that they would be happy to do it.     I was torn between the sweetness of his concern and a knee-jerk denial of my age.    As I told him, I'll be unable to do these things a whole lot sooner if I don't keep doing them.   Even so, when I went back outside to finish the job, my sidewalks were already shoveled.      

I was supposed to shoot with the guys today but they cancelled on me because of the snow.    Sissies.   So instead, I made a little pot of soup from some leftovers, and baked a few cookies from dough I froze last time I baked.   I also made these cute little brown-paper candy packets for my grief group next week -- each one contains a handful of M&Ms and a little note.     
Laundry, crafting, and watching a 'Great Course" lecture on psychology on DVD are passing my time, but I'd rather be out doing something more active.     I am looking for a new hobby, and I really mean new -- preferably something that hasn't even occurred to me yet.     Hopefully something that is physical and needs to be learned.  And of course it will have to be something that I can do alone for the time being, because I am alone.   On top of all that, I guess it will have to fall into my lap because, really, where do you look for something you don't know exists?!   All I know is that, after a lifetime of telling myself all the things I'm not good at, I'm ready to keep proving myself wrong.     I was surprised, as I think I've mentioned, at how quickly and easily I learned Morse Code, after always telling myself (or perhaps repeating what I'd been told) that I wasn't good at symbols.    I'm hoping there are lots more surprises out there, just waiting for me.


Debbie said...

I love your changing perspective. It reminds me that with age comes wisdom. That is something to crow about! I am glad you like to shovel snow because you got Just watch where you step.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Hmm.... biking, hiking, geocaching, cross country skiing, regular fishing, kayaking. Anything there appeal to you?

Anonymous said...

Your friend Nancy loved geneology. Maybe you could continue to work on the family lines she was not able to finish in her honor. This a solitary hobby, but affects many other people.

gpc said...

Thanks, Anon -- genealogy certainly fits many of my criteria, since I know almost nothing about it! I am not sure that Nancy left any lines undone; She was no slacker in that department and it's my understanding that she researched their families as far as an expert could do, certainly far beyond what I'd be capable of doing for years! Still, I'll toss it in the 'hat' for consideration, if I ever master this dratted Morse Code audio work, lol!