Sunday, April 21, 2013


 I just got back from a short trip to California, where I spend a few days with my two brothers and my sister.    What a lot of fun!   The place we stayed was lovely, with a pool, a hot tub, a koi pond,  citrus trees in the back yard, and a mountain view out the front door.   Fresh orange juice and lemonade every day, thanks to my picking and squeezing siblings.  

I had hoped to spend some serious time in the desert but my family had other ideas, so we only made a very few short stops and (I thought) spent way too much time in the car.   Still, the desert was amazing, and almost every cactus was in bloom, which was such a treat for me.    I saw my first Joshua trees, and my first of every imaginable cactus.    I was thrilled by the cool mornings that made the hot days bearable, and the stars!    The night skies were amazing.

We stopped in Palm Springs -- to my amusement, the MOST walking we did was in shopping areas, which says a lot about my Fam -- and we saw the statue of Marilyn Monroe that towers over the city.  
 I loved watching hummingbirds feeding on the cactus flowers, I could have watched them for hours.
When everyone else was sleeping or busy, I worked on Morse Code and just took in whatever was around me.
 On our way to and from the airport, we passed miles and miles (and miles) of wind turbines and solar fields.   On the way back, we passed through a small dust storm.   I loved the alien landscape.
I always think I am nervous about flying until I get into the air, and then I love looking through the window.   On the flight home, I took a million photos of the landscape because everything was new and so cool looking.    And a new fun thing for me was listening on my mobile radio during the layovers in Dallas.   The airport structure made it impossible for me to talk on the radio, but I got to listen to local folk talking about a variety of things, providing a little local flavor to my trip.    The return trip was like Oz in reverse, coming back from a world of color and sunshine and  returning to Detroit, where the landscape seemed black and white in comparison.   

But it was good to be home.   Good to see my Grands and family.    Good to practice Morse Code and radio stuff with my Friend.   Good to get the laundry done.    Just all good.

Now, home only a few days, it is already time to pack up again and drive for four hours to the the Upper Peninsula for a work seminar.   I both dread and welcome the trip, looking forward to the information I'll learn that I hope will make me more useful to the people I serve, but not looking forward to the lonely hours away from everyone I know.    Getting used to being with people is dangerous that way, I guess, lol.   I'll take my new hobbies along, of course, and try to use the time well, and find as many ways as I can to have Ridiculous Amounts of Fun despite it all.     Hoping for bright skies and no wind as I begin my drive north!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Looked like an awesome trip. Too bad you didn't get more use out of your new hiking boots! Next time.

Carrie P. said...

Looks like a great trip but there is not place like home.

Barbara said...

What a wonderful trip. My husband and I are die hard stargazers. Know what you're talking about.

spindelmaker said...

Hwo great! We were in California only a couple of weeks apart! We did a lot of driving too, and not nearly as much time exploring as I would have wanted. But that´s what families are all about, I understand: compromise... :-) I´m glad you got to see the desert. It was one of my favorite things about my trip too.