Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brain Freeze

Well, I finally did it - sort of.   Like so many things in life,  the first time wasn't exactly a charm, but at least I'm past the hurdle of taking the first step.   I went on the air last weekend with CW and carried on a Morse Code conversation with a faceless stranger in New York!    Frankly, it was terrifying, although he was so very, very nice.     I would be more proud and excited if my brain hadn't gone flat on me -- no kidding, I had no idea what he was saying, the Code sounded like gibberish to me, even though I could clearly hear that he was going slowly for my benefit.    Fortunately, I had my "Elmer" (a seasoned Ham there to help me) at my side, and he copied the responses for me and told me enough to allow me to make a semi-intelligent response.    I had no problem at all TALKING in Morse Code (except for a few stutters), but my listening skills just disappeared.   My Elmer taped the conversation to prove to me that I really do know what was said, I just couldn't listen properly in my panic, and of course he was right.   So it was a good news/bad news kind of experience.    And more evidence that I need to kick up my practice schedule!   My Elmer says it's also more evidence that I need to go on the air more often to get over my serious case of nerves.  :-P


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That is fantastic - the first time is always the hardest. Now that the initial shock is over, you will do better next time. Very cool!

sue in mexico mo said...

I am impressed! You did something very few people can do and you should be proud of yourself. WOW!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

You just amaze me! Every time I come by for a visit I leave here with a smile on my face because you are not afraid of trying anything.
I love that about you.
Keep doing this and before long you will be as good as the others talking to you.
Hope your well. I am still sick with a stomach virus but after five days of it surely I am getting to the end. lol

Carrie P. said...

morse code, that is fascinating.

Unknown said...

Don't feel bad, my husband, also a ham, can send CW like crazy but can't copy it! It drives him nuts.