Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chasing Happy

I've been a little blue and lonely lately.   I've been single for way longer than a person should, way more than half my life, and it never gets any easier.    And when, as happened lately, I had a wonderful string of busy-ness with friends, the drop back down to solitary is heart breaking.    As you can imagine, my job at a hospice reminds me daily not to feel sorry for myself, but ironically it also reminds me that life is short, way too short to spend alone.

I've tried a million ways of meeting people with little success.   I've probably mentioned that I have my quirky facets, and it is the rare man that I find interesting.    Worse, they don't generally hang out at the places that are recommended for meeting people, so I pretty much need to wait for the Universe to set them in my  lap, lol.    But I work hard on the not-feeling-sorry-for-myself part of the equation. So I've been on the hunt for things to do by myself that will feel like Fun, even if not the Ridiculous Fun I truly crave.

I've gotten back into my usual go-tos, target shooting and farmers' markets, and enjoy them both, although (let's face it) not as much as when I have someone to do them with.   Still, no complaints, shooting clears my mind and fresh produce does a body good.  :)
Today I "discovered" a nature drive just ten miles from my house.    I was out looking for safe and quiet place where I can fish alone, but found instead this wildlife drive in the Shiawassee Flats.    Since it was mid-day in mid-summer, I didn't see a whole lot of wildlife, but did enjoy the usual Michigan assortment of deer, dragon flies, red-winged blackbirds and (a recent staple around here) wading egrets.    Best of all, being in nature soothes the soul, and I guess I needed that.    I would have liked to find a trail, and a place to fish, but the signs asked that we not get out of our cars, and I am a rule follower at heart, so I kept my butt in the driver's seat.   It was a beautiful drive, though, and I'm sure I'll do it again at other times of year.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The nature drive sure sounds nice.

Barbara said...

I used to do work like yours. I had to stop. It made me sad. It was very gratifying work, but it still made me sad.

Carrie P. said...

Nature is good for the soul. Yes, life is short and even if you spend time by yourself enjoy whatever you do.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Loneliness is one of the hardest emotions to do battle with. And the irony of it is that there are lots of lonely people out there and they don't seem to find each other. Being lonely isn't easy and it isn't fun. My hope is that on one of your solo adventures you meet another solo adventurer who will become a friend. blessings, marlene