Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lazy Weekending

I treated myself to flowers and a pedicure this weekend.   Love the flowers, but the pedicure was the worst ever.    Nicest young woman, but worst possible nail job.   My seven year old Grand could have done it better.   I had to re-do a couple of toes when I got home because of the lumps of polish and missing bits where the nail showed through.    Oh well, I guess that's how we learn which places to patronize.    Or at least which to NOT!

I ran out to the garden just before a thunderstorm hit our area and harvested an armful of potatoes and a handful of tomatoes.   I fried one potato up with pepper and dill and supplemented that with local corn and peaches from the Farmers Market.     I sure will miss the local produce part of summer!

The tie dye shirts that my Grands made have been washed, dried and delivered.   The kids loved them and want to make them again!   Only next time, they say, Grandma should make one, too.  Grandma thinks she will wait and see how long it takes to get the dye out from under her fingernails!  Oh well, I guess most good times get a little messy.  :)
I had to get a last minute photo taken for an ID badge -- does everyone dread photos as much as I do?    It was all I can do to stand there and be brave.   You'd think I was being tortured from the feelings I had inside.  
And, aside from the photo making me feel older than dirt, I also realized this weekend how seriously I need to get back into my walking routine.   My training weekends will require walking all day with a day pack, and today's 1 mile walk -without a pack - was about as much as I cared to do.   Before the summer, I was walking four miles a day, and I think I'd better get back in the saddle asap.  Even my best might not be good enough, but I need to at least give it my best.

Today, before my real job, I worked a booth at a Bridal Show.   I am a chaplain and I work mostly in Hospice, but I officiate the occasional wedding.    The last couple of years I decided to participate in a couple of shows to get my name out and see whether this is a sideline I might enjoy.  Trouble is, the shows cost me a LOT more than I charge.   So far I've done several weddings, but I always end up sympathizing with the Brides' budgets so I am losing more money than I'm making.   Guess I'm just a sucker for love.   :)  


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You deserve to get paid for what you do, so don't feel about charging a fair rate. The brides can't get married with out you.

Love the tye die shirts!

Emily said...

What a beautiful photo! And as for being a sucker... Well here is your sister... :-)