Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend Beginning

Friday is the first day of my weekend, one of the perks of working part time.   The days of the week seem to drag and move too quickly at the same time, because I look forward to the weekend but never have time to get anything done before it gets here.    And then it seems like everyone else is busy on the weekend, and I end up having to fill my time exactly the same way I do during the week!   Time is stranger and stranger the older I get.  :)

I started the day with zucchini muffins, one of the nicest things about summer produce as far as my family is concerned!   I ate a couple of them with my coffee, and then walked several down to my son's house down the street.

I tried to go fishing this afternoon, and discovered that the little pond I found is in a park and they are now charging to get in -- $5.00 a day, with no re-entry!  
 This will be my last trip there unless I have a crowd to go with me, because that's just too pricey to allow me to fish a couple times a week.    So next week I'll be on the lookout for a new safe place to fish, but for today, I paid the toll and went inside.   It was a perfect day to fish because there was no one in the park, not a single soul, but the winds were too high to cast properly.   It was SUCH a beautiful day that I didn't mind, it was lovely just to be outside.     The sign by the little pond claims that they have all sorts and sizes of fish, but you couldn't prove it by me.   I didn't catch a thing.

I started out casting a light fly and finally decided that maybe a heavier one would work better under the conditions because the wind was really strong and gusty.
The heavier fly, which was weighted, did cast out a bit more, but it was too big for the small fish that had any interest in my adventure.   Still, it was a ton of fun to watch literally dozens and dozens of small bluegills and perch trying their hardest to eat my fly.   They swarmed and nibbled at it every time I threw it at them.    I'm glad it was too big for them, because they were much too small for me, but it was so much fun to watch that I just kept casting and laughing.   Even though it was the same fly over and over again, and they bit and tasted it so often that you'd think they'd figure out that it wasn't edible, they kept coming back!   Maybe they, like me, just enjoyed having something to do on such a pretty afternoon.

Afterward, I had dinner with my son and his family, hamburgers and local corn cooked on their grill.  Absolutely delicious!    Fresh corn is one of my favorite parts of summer!
Tonight was my local amateur radio club meeting, too.    I have not joined yet because either some of the people have been a little snippy with me, or else I am being too sensitive.   I forced myself to go because I want to find out whether I'd be welcome there before I pay the dues.   I'm frugal like that, lol.   They are not an outgoing group, a little low on social skills, so it's hard to say whether I will feel comfortable there.    The one person who was snarky to me earlier apparently didn't hear me when I said hello - twice -- because he didn't answer.    I'll give it a little more time, attend a few more meetings and functions, before I make any decisions.    I have such a lot to learn, it would be good to have a local club to help me.

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Barbara said...

I know what you mean About The days dragging when you are working. When I worked at the hospital, I worked four days on and four days off. You would think those four days would span the same length of time, but I know the four days on went a lot slower than the four days off. My son made corn on the cob on his barbecue grill over the Fourth of July. It sure was sweet!