Monday, November 25, 2013


My cooking adventure this week was Quince -- something I'd heard of but never tasted.    I heard a piece about the fruit on NPR, and so did a friend, so we discussed it and both thought it would be fun to try.   So when I saw it at my local supermarket, I bought a dozen (despite the considerable expense!) and went to work.
The fruit is hard and dry when it is raw, with a very woody inner core.   But it softened nicely after cooking for nearly an hour.   I made half of the quinces into paste, and the other half into sauce.    I spent hours -- yes, hours -- stirring the steamy pot at the stove and, since I didn't start with very many fruit, I also didn't end up with much to show.   Four small jars of sauce, to be exact, and a small log of paste.

So it was a lot of work and, I thought, not worth it.   Until I tasted it.   This stuff is good!    The sauce was okay, like applesauce but tasting a little like a combination of pear and apple, only better.   But the paste, which is more intensely flavored, is my favorite --  absolutely delicious.   I've been eating small cubes of it with cheese and nuts, and can't wait to try dipping little squares into dark chocolate.   I gave a slice to my son's family, ate a (couple of) slice(s) myself, and am trying to save the rest until my friend can come over for dinner so that I can share the experience.     Don't you just love trying and cooking with new foods?!     I know I do.  :)


Carrie P. said...

I have heard of quince but never had any. I do like trying new foods.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Well I totally mis-read your post title and thought I was going to be reading about QUICHE. LOL.

I've never heard of Quince or seen it either. Sounds interesting but like a lot of work. I'm glad you liked it tho. Happy Thanksgiving Gail!

Mrs A said...

quince paste is great with cheese esp the blue kind.
i read your side bar with the results of 2012, hey it sounds like mine ! I think i am a very private person and dont really like social scenes, my family are the most important people in my life. But i do like meeting people in the blogosphere, like you :)
Oh and the quince paste and cheese goes well with red wine ;)