Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still Winter Here

I got my fabric in the mail several days ago, my prizes from the gift certificate I won from In The Boon Docks.   I picked the nurse and the Day of Dead patterns to make zipper bags for specific people.   So far my projects haven't gone so well, but I sure do like the fabric.  :)

First I worked on a new (to me) bag pattern for a 5-year old girl who loves skeletons.   It didn't work out the way I intended it to.   In fact, it barely worked out at all.   But her mom says she will love it anyway.   I'll make her another one with my usual fail-safe pattern later.
Next weekend I will work on the nurse-y bags and hope I do a better job.  

I was given a lovely surprise gift on Sunday.   A pen pal friend sent me home from dinner with a lovely fountain pen attached to a note saying he hopes it will improve my handwriting, lol.   It won't, but I love the pen.   I've already written two letters with it.   It's a pen that teases me with a little flair, encouraging me to get a little fancy.   So far I've resisted, but I'm hoping to give in a little as time goes by.
Today I drove almost 100 miles to visit a dying patient and pray with his family.   I love my drives out in the country. 

The snow is finally melting more and more, at least in the fields.    A week ago, deer were grazing at the side of the road, where the first patches of grass had appeared.   Today they were grazing further back in open fields, causing less concern that they would make a wrong turn in front of me and making the long drive a little less stressful.   On my way home, it started to snow like crazy, creating white-out conditions for part of the drive.   It doesn't look like it will be Spring any time soon.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The fountain pen is way cool!! I remember using them in grade school. I loved the way the ink flowed from them. Do you still fill them with a little cartridge? I had no idea they even made those anymore.

Love all the fabric - especially the little birdy one.

Most of our snow is melted already - just a few dirty piles in shaded areas are left. We got a scant 1/2" squall last night, but I think it's about over for us.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Amazing you still have so much snow. Glad you made it home safely.
I hope you enjoy your new fabrics.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Carrie P. said...

how cute is that nurse fabric. first time seeing it. hopefully spring will be showing itself your way soon.