Sunday, June 15, 2014


This weekend has flown by.   The weather has been unexpectedly chilly lately and absolutely beautiful.  I am enjoying these cool mornings and evenings, with sunshine and blue skies in between.  I've been trying to walk as often as I can and sitting out on the patio in the mornings and evenings, just to enjoy the fresh air.   Perfect weather for me.   

I knew I would be outside part of the weekend, and wanted to wear sandals, so I decided to get a pedicure.    I often go to a walk-in place, where the techs are a little rough but they do as good a job as the double-priced spas nearby.    I was in a hurry, I hadn't planned ahead, so in I went.   A young girl worked on my feet and was, I thought, doing a decent job.   All of a sudden, before she was finished, an older woman started to shout at her in a language that I do not speak or understand, ordered her away from my feet, and, after walking away for a moment, returned with a microplane grater.   Oh yes, exactly the same kind that I have in my kitchen.     
She wielded that grater and carried on an animated conversation in the language I do not know or understand, while I spoke in equally animated terms telling her that I didn't want my feet shaved, or grated, or whatever.   Apparently I spoke in a language that she did not know or understand because, as she continued to talk, she grabbed my foot and began to saw.    By the time I got her to stop, the toe on my right foot was bleeding.    My toenails are pink and lovely, but the actual toes, not so much.    They're still ouchey two days later.   I'm going to have to reconsider my money-saving strategy.

This weekend was a local hamfest, sort of a garage sale for amateur radio, so I met a friend early on Saturday for breakfast and then we went to see what was for sale.   Some of the tables were inside and others were outside, and we spent our time shopping for bargains.  It is funny, I felt like it was taking me such a long time to become a part of this community, but only a year after getting my amateur radio license, I knew almost everyone there.    

I bought a used transceiver for my home base station, an Icom IC-738, as well as an old Versa tuner.   Although the 738 supposedly has a tuner built in, the guy told me it didn't so it might not work.   Too soon to tell.   We plugged it in at a friend's house and made a couple of contacts by voice and CW so I'm hoping it will turn out to be a good rig for me.  Of course, I won't know for sure until I get a little more antenna work done and fire it up at home.  

I was also shopping for a new mobile antenna.    The past couple of weeks I've been bopping happily along, enjoying my new mobile antenna and talking to all sorts of people, when all of a sudden, on a lovely, happy night last week, I came home and forgot to fold it down before driving into my garage.   Snap is exactly what I heard and the next thing I knew, I wasn't mobile any longer.   Bummer.   I wasn't able to find another second hand antenna for my car at the hamfest, so had to order a new one on line.   Until it arrives, my radio-cruising days are over.  And to add insult to injury, the replacement antenna is costing me a lot more than the second-hand antenna that I broke.     :(      I guess I can't think about retiring until I pay off all my expensive new toys!      

Saturday was a ham-filled day -- besides the hamfest, I tagged along to a Region 3 amateur radio meeting where I listened and learned.   We did find time for dinner and squeezed in the last couple of episodes of the old TV series (HBO?) Carnivale, which we've been watching on Amazon.    What a disappointing ending to a fascinating series!   But I didn't stay disappointed for long because I saw my first fireflies of the season!   I love seeing them!   Between the fireflies and the full (or mostly full) moon, it was a lovely end to a lovely day.

Today was quiet.   I spent a little time with my son, the wonderful father of my wonderful grandchildren.    We had lunch together and then I walked home to make lists of chores I should (but didn't) do.   And now it's time already to get organized for another work week -- time is just flying by!   I'm planning to have a very good week, and hope that you will, too.  :)


Barbara said...

Good grief! I hope your feet are okay. Sheesh!

StitchinByTheLake said...

There are so many of those walk in shops here that you could go to a different one every week for a year. I went to a new one every time until I found one I liked and a person who could understand me so now I call and make an appointment to be sure I get her. I have had to literally raise my voice and say stop! My skin is very thin so I don't let them do anything for very long or very hard. I've gone away before with sore toes too so now I'm much more assertive. :) blessings, marlene

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Hope your feet are better and I'd never go back there again. Have a good week.