Friday, June 6, 2014

This Beautiful World

 The weather here in the middle of Michigan's mitten has been absolutely beautiful these past few days.   It is cool enough in the morning for socks and a light jacket out on my patio, where I sit and drink my coffee as I inhale the scent of the late-blooming lilacs in my back  yard.   

I've cut a bunch and have them inside the house, too, so I can enjoy the smell of spring everywhere I go.   Intoxicating!    

My house is in the city and on just a simple city lot, but if I ignore the houses I still see nature's beauty everywhere I look.      I hung a fish-shaped wind chime in my overgrown 'garden' area, hoping to keep the squirrels away from my tomato plants.    We'll see how long it takes before it drive me, or my neighbors, crazy!
I am still enjoying local asparagus and rhubarb and lettuce from the Farmer's Market, and bought a peck of raspberries there yesterday to eat after my supper of new potatoes and fresh dill.   I love the tastes and smells of spring!  :)    The afternoons have been mild enough for the Grands to be out in their yard, playing with squirt guns and hoses.    I've been walking and sitting outside every free minute, enjoying these perfect days.

And look what I saw when I was driving through town the other day!    I drove down a residential street in the township when something caught my eye.   There was no traffic so I stopped to look and when I did, this peacock turned to me and opened up his tail.   I rolled down the window and told him he was beautiful, and he pranced a little bit, in obvious agreement.    There were three peacocks in the yard.  Besides this white one with black tipped tail feathers, there was one all white and one the traditional blue.   I wish I could have seen them all in full glory!    Maybe next time, because you know I'll be driving by again!
There's been happy news of babies this week -- my nephew's wife is expecting again (yay!) and my daughter in law's brother and wife had their second child on Wednesday, a beautiful baby girl.    
Serendipity, I saw the rick rack receiving blanket tutorial on the Fort Worth Fabric Studio Blog the same day and immediately made one of these practical, simple blankets.    I am not much of a sewer, but it was so easy to do, the pinning took more time than the sewing.  :)   My kind of project!   

I used flannel that I had on hand but immediately ordered the beautiful Riley Blake flannel from Fort Worth Fabrics that Lindsey used in the tutorial.   It was on sale and cost only pennies more than the "cheap" flannel I had at home, and I know from experience that the Riley Blake fabric is a joy to work with.     I didn't have enough flannel at home to make the coordinating burp cloths but will be doing that soon, too.   I love giving homemade gifts!   I can't show a completed photo because I ran into a(n ongoing) problem with my sewing machine when I was doing the final top-stitch and had to pull the stitches out and set the blanket aside until the machine gets back from the shop, where I dropped it off this morning. I am not a perfectionist and I've put up with the messed up tension for weeks, but baby blankets are so sweet that I just (finally) wanted to do it right.     But this project is so quick and easy that I know I'll be done 15 minutes after the machine comes home, and the next one will be done in an ordinary afternoon after work.   Fort Worth Fabrics is so quick to deliver -- my package has already been shipped! -- that I will have the new flannel a couple of days before I get the machine back, so I'll have the blankets pinned and ready to sew when the machine comes in the door.

The last couple of days have been spent aimlessly, finishing little projects and doing odds and ends, with no real schedule to follow and no demands on my time.    A little boring, but nice.   That lull ends today.   I am performing two weddings this weekend, have one wedding rehearsal, and have two search and rescue activities, a planning session and a recovery drill.   I like being busy but this weekend is so full of activity that I had to turn down dinner with a friend!   Feast or famine, I guess.     I hope you all have a wonderful weekend -- I'll be back in a couple of days to post photos of my newly married couples.  Love is in the air.  :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

oh that baby is so sweet - what a blessing.

I hate it when the tension doesn't work on my machine - that always seems to be an issue for me.

Barbara said...

Lovely. What an uplifting post.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I agree with you - Riley Blake fabrics are wonderful! And like you it's either feast or famine. Right now I'm in a busy stage and though I don't mind it I'd rather have a little quiet. blessings, marlene

Fort Worth Fabric Studio said...

Thank you for your kind words about the shop! :) I can't wait to see how your blankets turn out! Be sure to send over some pictures! And congrats on the new baby in the family and the one that will be coming soon!


Carrie P. said...

The world is a beautiful place if we just stop and take time to look around. That white peacock is awesome. Sweet baby girl.