Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Catching up -- December NewFOs

November was mostly a no-sew month.  But once my sewing machine was back from the repair shop, I got moving in December!   I had a lot of things to finish in time for gift-giving, so I not only started projects, I actually finished several!     I sewed 14 infinity scarves (one of the favorite gifts this year, quick and easy to make, and really appreciated by the recipients),
a tote or two and some zipper bags,
and I finished the grand-doggie jacket.
Then I started on a few kitchen towels out of scraps from my overflowing scrap bins.

Including this one for a Morse Code friend who invited me to lunch --- an embellished towel that says "dry" in Morse Code symbols (even though it is not a written language and is meant to be heard, not seen, I think it's pretty cool looking).   Towels might be my go-to gift next Christmas.   I am a fan of fun, easy and practical. 
I also made (and tested) two different styles of cozies for french press coffee pots at the suggestion of a friend.  They work about equally well, although the full cover kept the coffee about 5 degrees warmer after 90 minutes.   The person who received these as a gift uses the two of them together for coffee that stays hot as long as it lasts.

None of my projects were complicated or artistic, but for a slacker like me, I'm counting December a sewing success, and looking forward to a new year.  :)   I am linking up to Cat Patches NewFO party, as sewers and slackers alike celebrate our starts and finishes for the last month of 2014.   I hope the New Year brings us lots of joy, no matter what projects we use to move forward.  :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Stop selling yourself short Gail - you did a wonderful job on everything. What type of fabrics did you use for the scarves? They look soft and warm.

Barbara said...

My goodness! You got a lot of sewing done. I love the Morse code towel design. What a great idea, and such a personal gift for your friend. The dog jacket is just as cute as can be. I'm thinking the doggie is feeling pretty doggone stylish.

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Wow I think you did great for the month of December! It's such a busy time to begin with and you made so many practical gifts. The morse code towel is such a creative and personal gift. I just love it! Happy new year!