Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Turning the Corner

It seems like Spring is finally on the way.  We are having a heat wave here, with temperatures in the 30's, whoo hoo!   There is still lots of snow on the ground, but patches of grass are starting to appear near sidewalks and roadways, and the deer are out in numbers, grazing as if their lives depended on it.   I am cutting back on bunny feed, encouraging my herd of rabbits to remember their wild roots, but they still show up on my back porch each evening just to reminisce.  There are no flowers blooming here yet, and no green to be seen, but daffodils have appeared in the grocery stores, and I bring them home every time I go.
At the search and rescue group, I am learning - and teaching - knot tying.

Spring fever  has set in, and with it a strong urge to have my house clean and clutter free.  Sadly, the energy and ambition it would take to accomplish that has not yet taken hold.    My son and his wife just bought a house and it exhausts me just to observe them cleaning and packing and sorting.   It should be a wake up call to me to do the same but so far my slacker nature has prevailed.   Maybe tomorrow. 

Work goes on.   I am burned out and no excuse for it.  The strongest lesson I have learned from my hospice patients is that I should not be in a job, at a place, where I am not happy.  Life is much too short.

Meanwhile, I am spending part of my much-too-short life today at the car dealership, spending several hours and a thousand dollars on routine car maintenance, and planning to buy tires later in the week.   Life may be short, but some months money seems to be even shorter, lol.    

Enjoy that sunshine, wherever you find it!  :)


spindelmaker said...

Wishing you a wonderful and warm spring! :-)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Are you looking for a new job?

Almost all out snow has melted in the past 3 days. I can see my grass again.

Barbara said...

Daffodils are like a little spot of sunshine you can put wherever you want it. I was able to articulate the other day why high burnout jobs are what they are: There are a few bright moments that make the work worthwhile and bring tears to your eyes. The problem is that after a while there gets to be a preponderance of BS that overshadows those bright moments. And you're right: life is too short.

Cheryl said...

Happy early spring to you!

Boud said...

I postponed writing a comment because of the heatwave ref then found it was the same temp as here! that case yes daffs very welcome here too!