Sunday, May 31, 2015

End of May

We don't know here whether summer hasn't started yet or if, perchance, it's over and we missed it.   I finally bought a few plants for my window boxes but before I got them home, another freeze warning had been posted so they are waiting inside by the patio door.    I am not complaining, or I am only sort of complaining, because I generally like it cool.   But a little sunshine would not hurt.
There's not much yet to buy at the Farmer's Market; a few people have asparagus and rhubarb, which is especially nice since my plants all died over the winter.    The only signs of Spring in my yard are the lilacs and the chives, both in full bloom.

Although we are all crazy busy, I see my grandchildren for at least a little bit most weekends.   They are, as all grandmothers everywhere must know, an endless delight.   I especially take pleasure in how close they remain and how they respect and rely on one another.   Yes, they bicker, they break each other's hearts, but they are also the best of friends.   I love to watch them walking arm in arm or listening carefully to the other's advice.
I ended the month by volunteering as a radio communicator at the Big Fish Triathlon a few counties away.   It took about an hour and a half to get there and rained throughout the drive and the event.   I ended up as a sort of assistant -- no need for me to ever use my radio, but I kept a tally of all the bicycles that passed our station so that I could count them on the way back to be sure everyone made it through the very rural route.    I spent some time outside in the rain, which I enjoy, but was mostly warm and toasty, with my hot mug of coffee, so it was a pretty glorious day.   For me, anyway.   The athletes went from their long swim to the bike stage, where I worked, before moving into the final run.   With temps in the high 40's, it was a wonder that only one of them had to be removed from the course with hypothermia.    And of course I was warmly dressed and with a friend, too, so for me it was a morning of laughs, a nice contrast from the sadder things that took up the part of my weekend when I worked at my hospice job.

And tomorrow we move into June.   It is amazing and a little frightening to realize that the year is half gone already.   I plan to hang on tight to every minute, and have fun, and I hope the same for you.  :)


sue in mexico mo said...

I agree. The year is flying by!

Barbara said...

I was just thinking last night that it's getting dangerously close to Christmas.