Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week End-ing

My sugar addiction caught up with me this week and gave me a swift kick in the butt.   I check my blood glucose levels every few days because one test, a long time ago, suggested that I was pre-diabetic.   You know how that goes, it gave me a scare, and I cleaned up my diet and exercise life.   But times goes on and this one gets lazy again, and when you top off my bad habits with some recent personal stress, this week my spot check revealed seriously high numbers.   I was able to bring them down by exercising, but it is still too soon to know whether I have the levels under control again.   If not by the end of the week, I'll high tail it into the doctor's office to beg for forgiveness and help.   Thank goodness for farmers markets and lots of fresh produce.    It is so much easier to eat healthy when there are beautiful healthy foods to choose from.   And nice weather makes it easier to get out and walk.

Last weekend I officiated at the wedding of a young couple.   I won't lie, this was not my favorite wedding.   Most couples are so sweet and happy and hopeful that I can't help but love them.   This one, not so much.    Even so, I hope they will be happy with their difficult little selves.  :)   There is, after all, no accounting for relationships. 
In another wedding related event, I got to help a friend put together a wedding cake for a couple of his friends.   Although he does pastry work on his job, this was his first try in a home kitchen, with home equipment.   What a lot of work!   Honestly, I had no idea the labor that is involved.   It gave me a whole new appreciation.
My kids had some landscape work done on the pond and abandoned pool at their new house.   There was one adventure after another, as the landscapers discovered mud puppies in the pond and 3 dump trucks-full of vegetation in the pool.   The guys we hired worked SO hard.   We did what we could to feed and hydrate them,  and they kept a great attitude as the job kept getting harder and longer.    They will have to come back at least once more, but we are all hoping things will be in place sometime next week.   No more surprises, please.
I went shooting with a friend on Thursday and had tons of fun.   Or as much fun as one can have and still be a big loser.   I lost our usual shooting challenge by SIXTEEN points, how humiliating.    Worse of all, I lost one of my prettiest marbles to him.   A turquoise blue 'shooter.'  I need to get more practice so that I can win it back, or another just like it! 

I had planned a canoe trip on Friday but that fell through.    My friend was not feeling well.   Hopefully we'll get another chance before the summer is over, but his health comes first, of course.

Meanwhile, at home, I am trying to get estimates to replace one side of the fence on my city lot.   The stockade fence, which technically belongs to my neighbor, is collapsing into my yard.  The neighbor, a young man who works most hours of the day, is exhausted when he gets home, and at one point his back lawn had grown as high as my armpits.    I feel bad for him and make no judgment on his yard, but I want the fence replaced and I know he can't afford to do it.    I don't know whether I can afford it, either, since I'm having so much trouble getting estimates!    So far I have one estimate for $1600 and another for $3600, so I need a few more to discover what's really reasonable in our area.    

The weekend is nearly over and I haven't had nearly enough fun, or done nearly enough work around the house.    So one more cup of coffee and I'd better get to it!   I hope that things are all good in your world, wherever you are.  :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love that package with the peacock feather - so pretty.

Barbara said...

Reading about your pond made me think of some guys having to rebuild our deck a few summers ago on the hottest days of the year. I felt so sorry for them and put out ice water...whatcha gonna do? Anyway...the pond sounds great. My son would love something like that at his place.