Sunday, October 25, 2015

Feeling Fluffy

 We all know that clutter and sloth end up making us feel moody and even anxious.  And it's a circular problem: the more we lie about and the more clutter we create, the less energy we have to fix things.   I am feeling lately like I've gotten caught in the Sloth Cycle, and that it's time to get myself in hand.  Past time, really, since the predictable side effect is that I've gained a few extra pounds.   So this weekend I started (again) trying to work on my healthier self.    I am trying to walk most days, which should be so much easier than it has been -- it is beautiful here.   Of course, the trees are a little less pretty when obnoxious teens drive by every so often shouting obscenities out the window or blaring their radios.   Shake it off.   I am increasingly ready to sell my house and move but of course the Sloth Cycle interferes with that plan, too.
I'm going to try to cut down on processed carbs, at least for a few weeks, to try to reset my growing appetite.   It is funny how the less I do, the hungrier I get!   Fortunately for me, it is an excellent time of year for veggies.   Although the lovely summer produce is gone, I love squash and sweet potatoes and root veggies.  And apples, which are plentiful in my region.  Thank goodness we made all that apple sauce!  Those healthier alternatives can easily take the place of the breads and cakes and pies that I have been reaching for with little restraint the past few months.  I'm planning to skip Halloween this year and go to a movie instead, rather than invite bags of candy into my house.   Will power is in short supply around here lately!

And I have finally started pulling out a few boxes from the basement.   Of course, now it is more of a mess than it was before.   But I've already discovered that some of the 'treasures' I was holding onto for resale have been chewed by mice, so I am trying to get my mind set to just Get Rid Of anything I am not using now.   I have bins and bins and bins of photos and honestly, I am not even sure who half the people are.   I'm hoping to scan the ones I know and ditch the rest, although it is hard for me to turn my back on all those people who only exist in boxes in my basement.   I remember when my sister went on this De-Clutter Journey several years ago, and discovered that, once through the Valley of the Shadow of Materialism, she was able to move from a big house to a one bedroom apartment with room to spare.   I don't ever expect to become that efficient, but would be very happy to cut my belongings in half!

This was a nice weekend, with lovely weather and time with a friend.   My family has been down with a virus so I've put in quite a bit of Grandma Time over the last week, and there is nothing sweeter than a only-slightly-sick child.  I know, that's awful, but it is so, so true.  

I also replaced my phone, a task that I think I put off as long as I could.   My iPhone 4 started really acting out this weekend, shutting down completely, refusing to take calls, simply unacceptable behavior.     I don't mean to be harsh, because more than one person has pointed out that it might not have developed such habits if I, for my part, had not taken it to the bottom of the Au Sable river.   No hard feelings on my part.   Anyway, I got a 5S this week and I am not sure yet whether I am happy with it -- or rather, whether I am going to be happy with the much (much) cheaper Boost service now that I've cut ties with the more pricey Verizon.   I just can't justify spending twice as much, but I am truly hoping that I haven't cut my service in half, too. 
And this evening I married a nice young (so young) couple, who seemed perfect for one another.  All of the guests were telling me that they were a match made in heaven, and they sure were sweet.    I wish them a lifetime of happiness together. 

But best of all, the weekend is not over yet for me, because my schedule changed this week because of a computer-training requirement involving new software -- so I have Monday off!   I see a movie in my future. :)

A coworker told me once that the perfect weekend would include something productive and useful, something fun, and time with someone you love.   For me, this has been a perfect weekend.  I hope yours has been as good as mine.  


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Sounds like things are going nicely. I started back on the treadmill and I have to admit that some days I have to force myself to do it, but I'm always glad when I do.

When you move are you staying in the same area?

StitchinByTheLake said...

Like you I'm trying to eat healthier too. I love the Weight Watchers program as evidenced by the 127 times I've done it. :) I baked a spaghetti squash yesterday in the microwave, steamed it really, and have eaten it two days with a little parmesan on it. It is delicious! blessings, marlene