Saturday, January 30, 2016

Organizing My Mind

January was my self-gifted Take-Off month, and I did pretty much nothing, just as I had planned.   February is my month to start to organize myself a little, and - because I was getting bored of Nothing - I have already started.   I am beginning to sort through all those old photos, separating them into Keep, Give Away, and Toss piles.  It looks like an endless job, but I've made a start and went through several hundred photos this weekend.     Only another 10,000 or so to go before I give up.
I sorted through my search and rescue and fly fishing corner, and got rid of the definite Don't Needs, which reduced (but did not really organize) the pile.   I haven't figured out yet exactly how to best organize that sort of hobby stuff.   There are lots more corners to go in my old 2-story farm-style house -- my hospice corner, and my printing corner, and my wedding officiant corner, and my radio corner, and . . . . -- but my Fantasy Goal is to be in shape to have a Realtor walk through at the end of February to give me some data to use for further decision making.   And as I've been telling people, I can hardly claim to be ready to move if I can't even get myself to do this first bit of organization. 

I've written a few letters this month, too, to catch up with people who I'd been out of touch with for quite some time.    A letter to a family-by-someone-else's-marriage woman who I haven't seen since her dad died over a decade ago.   A letter to an old co-worker from a couple of jobs ago.   I still need to write a letter to a law school classmate who I haven't seen in years and to a former sister in law.   And of course my regular pen pals can't be neglected either.   Although letter writing is certainly no hardship, it does take some time.

I've done a little (very little) internet research on some 'job' or volunteer opportunities, looking for ways I could hone my skills if I decide that I want to pursue some formal activity.   Too soon to tell, really, because I am enjoying the low stress, flexible time I am having so far.    I am sleeping til 8:00 am regularly, which seems to me very self indulgent, but I have to admit I like not waking to an alarm.

And I did my taxes, although I am not ready to finalize and send them in yet, to give myself a couple more weeks to watch the mail, just in case I've forgotten something.   My earned income gets smaller every year, so they get easier and faster to do.   I guess that's the silver lining.

So January has been a slacker month, but not a TOTAL slacker month.     Hopefully I can keep up my little bits of momentum and make February a month with a lot to report!

For those of you who have asked, Barbara at Three Cats Ranch gives a good overview of Redwork embroidery in one of her blog posts.    I don't know the origin of the needle nanny (I bet Barb does!) but I will look into it on one of my internet breaks.   The one thing I DO know is that I wanted the one shaped like a bunny because one of my screen names is Bunny Queen, but it was no longer available!    

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Sounds like a productive and low key month.

We're praying for snow - work has been too slow. :-(

bunny Queen - cute! My daughter just bought a bunny.

Enjoy your week. xo