Sunday, August 14, 2016

Showers of Blessings

This week was the Perseid Meteor Shower, predicted to be the best in years.    They claimed that, at its peak, there could be 200 meteors an hour, a mind boggling thought!  Although my results were not quite as spectacular,  I did see a few gorgeous, meaty meteors and several handfuls of shooting stars.   A long, long way from the media claims, but well worth missing a little sleep.

In hopes of finding a darker place to star gaze, we drove last week to the west coast of Michigan, to a small town called Ludington, and spent the wee hours of one morning laying on a blanket on the sand dunes a little north of there, watching falling stars.    We used my Golden Passport to park for free in the National Forest there and walked to the beach.  This area of Michigan has rolling hills of sand that go right up to the edge of Lake Michigan.  The area is absolutely gorgeous and, after dark, absolutely dark.  We snuggled into the sand and ooo-ed and ahhh-ed until past 3 am.  With the stars above, clearer than they are near civilization with a wide swath of milky way, and the sound of the water a few feet away, I could have stayed there all night if only there had been a potty!

On our drive there and back we stopped at four quilt shops to pick up their row-by-row patterns and a bunch of other stuff I just couldn't resist.   When I got home I discovered that the prices at one shop were lower than my local JoAnn Fabrics, so I will be driving back that way again soon!  All in all, the trip added a new stack of to-do items to my endless pile of sewing projects.

A day or so later, when skies cleared again, we went out into the countryside nearer home and saw a dozen or more shooting stars that (late) night, too.   It has been raining since then, but we are watching the sky, hoping for another chance or two to witness the celebration in the sky.  It is such a thrill to watch those trails of light!

Today I helped as one of the "communicators" at a 5k Walk for Hope, sponsored by Survivors of Suicide.   My job was an easy one, I acted as liaison between the officer in charge of the course and the communicators who relayed messages about people who needed water or assistance.   It was a hot and sunny day so I was exhausted at the end of the race, even though I was not the one running.    The message of today's race is one dear to me -- it is okay to ask for help.   Be gentle with yourself and let's take good care of one another!


Barbara said...

Celestial events are always a disappointment it seems. We were out at our friends' house this weekend. Apparently the big show happened the night before on Thursday, and people who were there saw it. We got up the next night...nothing. Sigh.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That second picture is just gorgeous. I love how the sunlight is streaming down.

Lara B. said...

How beautiful! It all sounds so wonderful and I'm glad you had such great success with the meteors.