Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mid January - Already?!

Today is sunny, clear and bright, but I was snowed in one day this week, and the snow plow guy didn't come until evening, so (although I am sure I could have driven out over the snow) I told myself I was homebound.     We've had several snow and ice winter storms recently, back to back.   Anyway, on my homebound day, since I hadn't really planned for being snowed in, I didn't get much done.   Later that night, in the wisdom of retrospect, I decided I had squandered a perfectly good day. I hate when that happens.  I did do a (very) little sewing: another quilt block or two (I goofed on one of them, and the colors look better in person, really they do), and made a fleece nightie because it has been cold has heck.
The grandkids had two snow days this week, and one of them had a third day off when he got sick.  Is there anyone in Michigan who has't had the crud?  Every surface was covered with ice and it snowed or rained on and off all week.   Lovely, lovely weather to stay inside and I am lucky enough that I can do that.   But scary for those who have to be out.   Maybe the bad weather is the explanation for the weird and troubling dreams I've had most of the week, but I need to shake it off because Spring is nowhere in sight!

While I was watching over my sick Grand, I noticed that the kids are using, or at least displaying, the tuffet I gave them for Christmas in their music room.   Nice.
This weekend is supposed to remain clear, which doesn't all that much matter since most of my doings these days are indoor.   I am planning to cut and hopefully sew a couple more bags and pillow cases, but so far today I have nothing to show.   Fingers crossed, next week will be more productive!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Send some of that snow my way - we've been sorely lacking in the white stuff and I need to make some money. :-)

creations.1 said...

Don't we all have wasted days like that in hindsight - although you did achieve something! Love the tuffet - lovely and bright!

Barbara said...

It seems I've had a few wasted days this week too...I think the cold weather freezes us up, just like a cold engine. Gotta get those lubricants warmed up. Your blocks look great. I love the argyle in the center of your Tide Pool block, and the heart tracing is just too cute. Nice work.