Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mid Month

Still sewing, there isn't much else to do on these cold winter days, unless I want to clean and organize my house -- and of course I don't! -- thank goodness my sewing machine can save me from that! Here are the projects I've made the past couple of weeks:

One of my goals for this year is to sew something that I will actually wear out of the house.   Too soon to tell, but this might be it.   I also have a cardigan cut and ready to sew and I am hopeful that it will be useable.   Neither is like the jeans and tees I usually wear, but neither is entirely awful, either, and it would be nice to dress, at least once in awhile, a little more like a 'girl.'
My guy gave me a tshirt for my birthday last year that says 'not my monkeys, not my circus,' so I made him a sock monkey to include in his Valentine's Day package.   It was kind of fun to make a toy again!

It has been Cold. As. Heck. here this week, but beautiful, with the sun peeking through ever few days and the moon getting bigger and bigger.   There are many things I love about this bleak time of year.  My fella was gone for a week.   He doesn't drink so while he was gone, I did.   Wine with dinner a couple of times.   Lovely.   Not as lovely as dinner with someone you love, but not entirely shabby, either.
When my honey got home, we went to something we had been looking forward to for more than a year -- the Lego Batman Movie.   Like any self respecting 12 year old boy, we laughed our fool butts off.   There are so many advantages to being too old to care what people think.   No matter how old  you are, I hope you are having fun.  :)


Edith said...

Very pretty aqua heart, also love the top you made. I've completely left dressmaking behind, however I'm occasionally tempted to start again.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your new blouse turned out beautifully! I'm loving that SEA GREEN Heart block, too. You can't go wrong with batiks!

Karen said...

The heart block is sweet. The pink hats are sooo adorable. Would you share your hat pattern with me?

LA Paylor said...

It's my first time visiting your lovely blog. I am so intrigued by you, and want to chat a moment. Could we email?? Love the pussy caps and the night time photo. Also love that you work for hospice... my email addy is: leeannaquilts at gmail dot com

LeeAnna at not afraid of color

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You did a great job on the blouse. Love the colors.

Barbara said...

Love your sock monkey. I love sock monkeys of all kinds. I totally agree that the gift of getting older is no longer caring what people think. It's very liberating.

Kate said...

Love your heart blocks, very pretty. The sock monkey is too cute and funny. It's a great response to the t-shirt (which I sorely want for casual Friday's at work).

claudia said...

I feel it is so kind of our sewing machines and fabrics to keep us from the dreaded organizing and cleaning of our homes.
I always save doing the dishes for when my hands are cold, that way I think I am saving the environment by not turning on the heater and using the warm water for two different reasons. Then I go right back to the sewing machine.
As I am sitting here typing I am watching that beautiful (almost) full moon rise up over my trees. It looks sort of like the picture you included in your post!
I love your monkey! In my mind I keep telling myself this IS my circus, but that's NOT my monkey! I have three grown daughters, two of which seem to thrive on drama, and like to include me in their shenanigans. I just say no to Drama!
Your turquoise heart is perfect!