Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mid March

I simply cannot get over how fast time is flying by.  It's nearly the Ides of March already.  It's been chilly and damp here in Mid-Michigan, with a few days thrown in that were too warm for the season.   I am cherishing the last few cold days.   Our local Grand Traverse Pie Company has a great fireplace where we can sit with our pie and coffee, and I confess that I do miss that in the summer, although I keep eating pie despite the lack of fire.  :)
Search and Rescue activities continue, with the usual variety of trainings.   We do outdoor drills and planning exercises, map and compass skills and, a fan favorite, practice a variety of knots.
And of course I sew.   My blocks continue to reveal my tendency to jump ahead and not really read the instructions.
I do better with bags, and even though I have no current use for them, I do enjoy making them.

My 12-year-old grandson created a little logo for me, and I sew a bunny button into each bag along with the tags.   We use the name "Reigning Rabbits" because the kids and I play a game where my screen name is Bunny Queen because of the wild rabbits that nest under my front porch.  When they were little, we told the kids that bunnies lived here because I was their monarch.  And of course we liked the play on words with 'Rain' And 'Reign.'
I am following a "40 Bags in 40 Days" decluttering group on Facebook, and -- although goodness knows I am not actually decluttering with any regularity -- I am finding inspiration in the changes people make once they get motivated.   I did pull out a few 'heirloom' hats that belonged to my grandma and that no one seems to want, and gave them to a woman who collects such things.   I'm also making lists and taking photos of things I want to get rid of that someone else might want.    I'll circulate those photos to family and then to agencies and will hopefully begin to move out some of the bigger items that I no longer use.  Baby steps.  The big things distract me from being able to really dig into the smaller things, so I am hoping that moving them out will provide the burst of motivation that I have lacked so far.
The local birds are starting to return to my yard.   I should put out some seed to help them out while we all wait for green things to start growing.    Much as I enjoy the fireplace and the heated seats in my car, ahhhhhhh, I am ready for Spring.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You should be selling those bags at a craft show or in an etsy shop.

Loved the fire photo and pie sounds good.

Barbara said...

Well, I love your blocks. Perfect in their imperfection! And your bags are fabulous. You have a wide range of interests to keep you busy. The search and rescue stuff is interesting to me.

Paulette Adams said...

Your beautiful fabric totes would be a big hit where I live in California, plastic bags have been outlawed and the stores now charge for paper!