Sunday, March 26, 2017

Out Like A Lamb?

March is coming to an end.   I don't remember whether it came in like a Lion, but the prediction is that it will be going out like a Lamb.   The weather is mild and damp, the kind of weather that viruses seem to love.

So right on schedule, I've caught the local Crud and have had sniffles, chills and headache for the past few days, but it should be over soon.   I got sick while I was visiting my sister, which was bad for so many reasons.   She has a compromised immune system so I would never purposely take sickness into her house and I was fine when I left home, waking up later that night with headache, chills and the yuckies.  And I don't get down the hundred miles or so to visit her often enough, mostly because she is so darn busy.   So there I was, sick and sleeping through much of the visit.  

On my way home from my sister's, and before I went straight back to bed, we stopped for pedicures, generally a highlight since we can sit and chat, but my technician scraped a hole on my bunion that actually bled, so it was just a disappointing trip all around.  I'm not sure the tech knew what a bunion is because she mumbled that there was something there and she was going to get it off before she went to town with her file.   Ouchy ouch ouch.

Meanwhile, not much here is (ever) new.  Just as well.   I have had enough drama in my life to know that 'nothing new' is a good 'problem' to have.  Especially if I consider that getting sick, and having my foot injured were both new things -- no thank you.   Of course, the chicken soup my son made and brought me when he found out I wasn't feeling well was new, too, and it was delicious.
As usual, I am not sewing much, but I am sewing.  A little less this week since I have not spent much time sitting up.  I discovered that I don't have many red scraps, but I did squeeze out another block -- Block 11, "Quilt Math,"  of the Solstice Challenge (I'm 3 weeks behind at this point),  in the March color of red for the Scrap Happy Rainbow Scrap challenge.  And I made another block of random scraps that were sitting on the table in front of the sewing machine, just because.

I also sewed myself another top.   It is not really good, but it is better than the last one, and I wore it out of the house to go shopping  -- one of my goals for the year!   No one stopped me and asked what the heck I thought I was doing, leaving the house like that, so it was a win.  My slight improvement was enough to convince me to try again, so I'll cut out another top as soon as I feel better.   Then we'll see whether I will continue to do better or have just climbed as high as I can climb.  I need a lot more practice on the necklines, which so far tend to go wonky on me.  And it's a good thing that asymmetrical hems are a thing these days.  But my sister asked whether the top was a LulaRoe, and I was pleased that she believed it to be store-bought.
Today we were supposed to have our final Dominoes Game of the season, the Domination Celebration Awards Edition, but I am not feeling well enough to attend so they will have a Guys Night instead.  You can barely imagine how much I regretted having to miss today since Dominoes is the highlight of my week for these few months, but I just don't feel up to it yet.  Jack says he will reschedule another day for us to get together -- I have all the prizes, after all! -- so I will still have that to look forward to.  By then I should feel well enough to make my legendary Dominoes Cookies.

Meanwhile, for the short bits that I am out of bed, I am messing around on the ukulele, trying to work up the nerve to visit a beginners folk group next month -- with Dominoes season over, I've decided that I will need more silliness in my life, and there isn't much that's sillier than a ukulele.  So far, I am regaling my sad self with 'How Much Is That Doggie In The Window', several verses of it.   I'm not sure it will be safe to let me out of the house.   The doggies will be a'howling!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Go to the folk group session - life is too short not to!

OMG - I have something to tell you. I rented a space at an antique mall in KY. We can start moving stuff in 2 weeks. I am SO excited because it's been such a dream of mine for forever. I'm scared to bits but I'm taking my own advice - Go for it!!!!

Barbara said...

Good grief. That soumds like the pedicure from hell. I hate it when they go to work like that. Can't say I know much about bunions, but for sure callouses are there for a reason. I've had them taken off, and then I get a nice blister in its place.