Monday, January 7, 2019

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Happy New Year!   2018 was good to me, and I am looking forward to a lot of opportunities, surprises, accomplishments and changes in 2019.  
So what happened in 2018?   Well, starting with the last and best event, I got married!   Anyone who has followed or checked in on me during the course of this Blog can imagine what a surprise it was to me for my life to take this turn, at this time.    At nearly 70 years of age, after being single for 30 years, this was not a change I would have predicted or expected.     What a lovely surprise.

In 2018, I sewed.   Last year I made 13 scrappy quilt tops -- in the first 6 months!    Once Jack and I decided in June that we would get married, my focus shifted to trying to clean and organize my house and plan a wedding, and away from sewing.   Honestly, for as little organizing as got done, I might as well have made more quilts, but that's water under the bridge now.    Even though I only used six months of 2018 for quilt-y productivity, it was a good year for sewing.      When we finally celebrated Christmas with my son's family on New Year's Eve, I gave each of the four of them one of my quilts. It turns out that the gift of a quilt to someone who has just flown back from Paris and is jet lagged is something of a party stopper -- all four of them immediately cuddled up and had to put real effort into staying awake.   

Fortunately, we had our traditional New Year's chocolate fondue to revive us -- with a slightly more hasty presentation than usual --  but still delicious.   Unlike most years, though, we skipped the board games and made an early night of it.  I learned later that the kids got their second wind and stayed up long enough to make a confetti mess of the living room, so the new year was properly greeted after all.
Christmas with Jack's family still hasn't happened -- maybe this week?!    There is no tree at his house and my tree was taken down last week, right on schedule, but the pile of gifts is still waiting on the floor.    Once his kids agree on a date -- which has been requested several times already so it will surely happen soon! -- we can plan a menu.   Jack and I decided not to exchange, either birthday or Christmas gifts, this year, but I cheated a little by getting a few things that can be enjoyed by both of us and, therefore, are not specifically for him.  I am a wiley coyote, after all.

Now, except for needing to tie up the last ends of Christmas, I intend to put my efforts toward planning our Illinois wedding celebration for April or May, getting back to the sewing machine to begin my endless list of projects, and finding a house where we can finally set up married life.   The new year is less than a month old, but my task list is already behind schedule!   I'm hoping that, for all of us, it's going to be a very good year.


Barbara said...

Sounds like those quilts were greatly appreciated! You can’t do better than that. I’m so ready to hear about the changes you have in store for 2019. It’s going to be the best year ever!

Marie Louise said...

You know Gail (I hope I may call you so) that a really relaxing thing is to retire in your sewing room and start playing with your fabric. All stress disappeares and in the end you have something to show for.
I do not understand the marrying again?? Is one of the ceremonies unofficial then and does this require another dress? Here in the Netherlands we just have one official wedding and that is it, so two weddings with the same person is an unknown concept for me.
I hope your sister is still improving and that you can enjoy the company of your husband every day now.

gpc said...

Hi @Marie Louise! It is good to hear from you again. You're right, I need to make some time for sewing soon, it is good for the soul. :)

I apologize for being unclear -- It will not be a second wedding, just a second celebration. We might do the knot-tying ritual for them just for fun, because it is a little unusual and they will enjoy it, but we are well and truly married; this will be just for fun and to please his family. Jack's family lives in a different state and could not attend our winter wedding, so we promised them that we would celebrate with them in the Spring. He has half a dozen siblings and they all have children and sometimes grandchildren -- and sometimes GREAT grandchildren! - of their own, so it will be a large group and a lot of fun. I will wear the same dress I was married in unless we find it the weather is too hot for it, but I expect the hall will be air conditioned if it is so I am planning on the same dress.

Thank you, my sister continues to do well. It has been a relief not to have to be away from my husband and we are both enjoying our time together!