Thursday, February 7, 2019

Ice Ice Baby

Weather is the main topic of news hereabouts lately.  Every time it clears up enough to go out on errands I see the deer herds clustered around patches of scrubby grass, gorging themselves in anticipation of the next wave of cold or snow.  My grandkids have no school again today for the 8th school day in a row because of extreme cold, or snow, or ice.   Today the culprit is ice, making the roads too slick for school buses -- or me -- to be out.    Local people are posting clips on Facebook of their kids skating on the streets outside their houses, or rolling down car windows to punch through a full pane of ice that remains in the window opening.  Winds are going to pick up tonight to about 45 miles per  hour, which could cause wires to snap since they are coated in ice.   Outages are already being reported.    We hope it won't happen to us -- of course, everyone hopes it won't happen to them.   Theoretically we are luckier than some: Hubby has a generator, but we would have to go out for gasoline to run it.   Since I am the only driver here, that would mean me.   Can you hear me whining in anticipation?   I have gotten so soft in my old age.

We hope things get back to normal, just ordinary cold and snow, soon, just so we can get out of the house again.   We are scheduled to get a photo taken tomorrow, and we have volunteered to be judges at my grandson's middle school on Saturday.  Both things can be postponed if necessary, but I am hoping it won't be necessary.

Meanwhile, I am using the bad weather as an excuse to bake and cook.   Applesauce muffins, orange chicken, whatever nonsense I can get into without going to the store.  

Jack, unexpected as always, is using the time to figure out how to use a serger, something neither of us have ever used or wanted and which he inexplicably decided to purchase last week.     He has taken to making socks. so that we often match, and it is fun for him to have a new hobby since so many things became less fun when his vision was impaired by the stroke.    In the beginning I only wore his creations in the spirit of supporting the Team, but I have grown to like them.   They make me smile.

Speaking of  socks, my son's family gave us a few month's membership to the Sock Club, and that has been fun, too.  

And speaking of fun (notice my smooth segues), I received a sweet note in the mail from a former sister-in-law, congratulating us on our wedding.  She is someone I have not had contact with in the 30-some years since my divorce.  It was a nice surprise.  One of the saddest things about divorce is that  you generally lose a whole bunch of people you care about, just because you decide (or are forced to) to go on without the one person.   Her note brought back so many memories of times with her family and it has been long enough that I was able to entertain those memories without the sadness or bitterness that might have been there before.  She was just a child when I first met her, and all my memories of her are pleasant ones, so it was nice.

I hope you are keeping safe and warm, wherever you are.   I am deep in hibernation here, getting lazier by the day, and honestly not minding it a bit.   

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