Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Snow Moon and Snow

It is snowing again today, which makes sense, I guess, since this week was the rise of the Snow Moon, another gorgeous super moon.   My new little camera -- a gift to myself, surprise! oh you shouldn't have -- takes better photos than my cell phone did, but so far I haven't figured out the right settings to pick up the moon's features, which were striking in real life.      But what all of this means to me is that we will put off our trip further north to visit my brother for at least another week, which is a disappointment to all of us.   Cabin fever is starting to itch a bit.

The local deer are feeling it, too, and they are grazing closer and closer to the edge of the road.  Last week I saw several lying down underneath trees, no more than 20 feet off the highway.   Soon they will lose all sense of caution -- again -- which can make driving a bit more nerve-wracking than usual.    I have never hit a deer, knock wood, which is a pretty good track record for a life-long Michigander.

Not a lot is new since we are not venturing far from home these days.   I am making long lists of the things I should be doing, but not doing many of them.  I have gotten a couple of test recipes lately for cocktails, which makes me thing that the America's Test Kitchen people are finally starting to understand me, so that has been fun.    We are not really big cocktail drinkers, so I have been making a single serving for 3 or 4 of us to share, but it's been an enjoyable experiment.   And I've been  baking more than usual, yogurt cakes and banana bread and such -- comfort foods.    All in all I  have no complaints.   Life is slow right now, but it's all good.


Barbara said...

What a great portrait of the two of you. You both look so happy. I heard about your snow. One of your neighbors in Minnesota posted on Instagram. Yikes. As for your moon portraits, this will sound completely crazy, but hear me out. If your camera has an exposure compensation button, try turning down the exposure a couple of clicks. With my camera, bright objects (like a bright sky) will blow out the details, and turning down the exposure will darken the bright stuff enough to pick up the details. You’ll need a tripod, or better yet, someone’s shoulders to rest the camera on and hold it still as you click the shutter.

Marie Louise said...

Nice pictures, both of the moon and the happy couple!
I wonder how long it took for your husband to grow his impressive moustache...
I can imagine that you are longing for spring. Lasts spring, where you live, just one week and then immediately followed by summer? I seem to remember that that was just the case when we lived in Endicott, NY.
Good luck with all the baking.

gpc said...

Greetings, Marie Louise -- Jack had a full beard before I met him, a great big Santa-style beard, and at some point he decided to cut it into what his daughter calls "catfish" style. So the moustache was ready-made, in a sense. People end to either love it or hate it. From my point of view, it's just hair. :) We are definitely ready for Spring, although Spring for us generally means a lot of rain and local flooding while the ground thaws. Weather here (maybe everywhere?) is unpredictable, so it can easily go from too cold to too hot. But it will be nice to see green grass and trees again!