Tuesday, March 26, 2019

It is 25 degrees this morning, still chilly enough to enjoy our matching fleece socks!    Making socks has been my husband's favorite project these past few months, and everyone in the family has a variety of patterns.  Most of our days are very casual and I am still living and dressing out of an overnight bag that I refresh at home every few days, so it is always a happy accident when we find that we have dressed to match.

Although it is chilly again today, the sun is already shining and it should be a lovely day, filled with the promise of eventual Spring.  Yesterday was nice enough -- about 40 degrees -- to take a short walk in the local Dow Gardens and visit the annual Butterfly Exhibit.  It was good to shed our coats and spend a little time in a sunny, lush little building, surrounded by a variety of colorful butterflies.   I had forgotten that this week is Spring Break from the local schools, so there were lots of children there, too.  Perhaps we will try to go back next week when it will be a tad more quiet and with fewer small obstacles so that we can spend more time looking up than watching out for little ones!

We are more than ready for Spring, so the fresh flowers at the local grocery store seem to call my  name whenever I shop lately.

I am also just on the verge of being ready to start a sewing project, but first I need to take another unexpected trip to the Ann Arbor Hospital, where my brother was taken to the Emergency Room this morning after his routine doctor's appointment turned up some wonky test results.   I hope we get some answers this time . . .


Marie Louise said...

Same here,after weeks and weeks of rain and wind, we just made a nice long walk, just admiring the springflowers and listening to the birds. I love it!
Does your husband knit the socks or is he sewing them? I can imagine, as a quilter myself, that you are longing to start sewing.
I hope that the docters can find the problem with your brother and that they can help him.
Enjoy the nice weather.

gpc said...

Hi Marie Louise, Yes, it is good to see signs of Spring! Jack makes our socks out of fleece. He has gotten really good at it, especially at keeping the seams to a minimum so that they are comfortable to wear! Thanks for your good thoughts; the news with my brother isn't good, but we will keep hoping for the best. :)

Marie Louise said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. I wish you all a lot of strenght.