Sunday, March 17, 2019

March On

I had a bit of my wedding bouquet made into a bead that I can wear as a necklace.  I have no idea why I did it, it was expensive and I am usually not so frivolous, but there it is.  A local shop dried petals from a few of my flowers and somehow turned them into jewelry.  It was an impulse purchase, but I am determined not to regret it.

I am not much of a jewelry person, so I always have second thoughts when I do buy something.  Years ago, I bought a pair of blue diamond earrings that were REALLY expensive and I felt so foolish and guilty, but my sister finally advised that I should wear them every day until I had worn them SO much that I could say they had only cost me pennies a day.   It's been quite awhile since she told me I had definitely gotten my moneys worth, and I doubt I've worn them since.   My bouquet necklace will be the same, I expect; I will wear it a lot to justify the cost, and then pack it away.   But I want my granddaughter to know what it is, since it will eventually go into her hands.  Since she was a musician at our wedding, I am hoping it will be a fun keepsake for her some day.

I have had fun lately with the Grands.  I took them to a fiddle concert last week, which was also, coincidentally, the night of our latest ice storm.  My granddaughter, who plays violin and flute, wants to learn to fiddle, and my grandson (who plays cello, baritone and tuba) enjoys hearing different techniques and styles.  Besides, they perform regularly and know what it is like to be on stage, so they are always a respectful and attentive audience.  Unfortunately the octogenarians in the row in front of us were decidedly not good listeners.   They had imbibed to excess of the wine sold at the concession stand, served in sippy cups like the kind they give to toddlers, and their group was loud and foul mouthed.  The old lady in front of my granddaughter held her phone up high, encased in a large leather folder that also contained her checkbook and cards, to video the concert, blocking out view for much of the concert.     At one point, a group of them stood up to cheer and yell at the stage and then one of them sat down, missing her chair, and landing right on the floor.  After hearing their  verbal reactions, my granddaughter whispered to me that she had heard the same language from middle schoolers, but it seemed even worse from someone as old as a grandmother.   I had to agree so it was a good reminder to me to mind my p's and q's.  We enjoyed the concert, but not as much as we could have, and that was a shame.

Dominoes Day is today on St. Patrick's Day so I made the American-Irish traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and carrots.   I made (not much of) an effort at green cupcakes, using a box mix and a packet of green jello -- they were very soft and crumbly; they overflowed the cupcake tins and had to be cut out, leaving a craggy mess that I covered as best I could with frosting.  But we are not a fussy crowd - they will no doubt get eaten even though they are not fabulous.   

My husband and I (yes, I do enjoy saying it)  are starting to work in earnest on the wedding celebration we promised to have with his family in Illinois in May.   Some of them live much further south and it would have been difficult, impossible, for most of them to travel to Michigan in December.  We have booked the hall and the hotel rooms and have placed inquiry calls out to a caterer and bakery.  Since we are traveling there I will need to think of simple decorations that I can pick up when we arrive -- balloons maybe?   I am starting to play with the wall hanging/quilted throw that I will eventually make as our wedding registry -- Jack and I signed the moon, my family in Michigan signed stars in blue, and Jack's family south of us will sign on yellow.   I won't tack the blue stars down yet for fear of running out of room, but I am excited to see it all come together after all the stars are in.

I am almost in the mood to sew again . . . It has been a long time.

Meanwhile, we are no closer to finding a house.  As I've said before, there is surely no hurry since we currently have two, but I will be glad when we are able to really settle down.  I have started just a little bit of organizing in my own house, hoping that Spring Fever will motivate me once the weather starts to warm a bit.   This week, in the course of decluttering,  I found an old chart that I had on my refrigerator when my Grandson was very little and kept there because he loved it so much.   His math brain enjoys charts, and we both thought this was a good one.   A good reminder for me, and hopefully to you, too.  Be happy.  :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I LOVE that idea for your necklace. Thats a winner!

Barbara said...

Well I totally love your necklace and I've never heard of such a thing. It's a wonderful keepsake. I would have done the same thing, so no regrets. That gets you nowhere. Enjoy it and wear it often.

Marie Louise said...

I love the idea of the bead. It will be such a nice personel memory for your granddaughter.I also like the quilt with the moon and stars. I hope to see the end result one day on this blog (no pressure here)!
I guess this second wedding will be so much more relaxing since you now know how to tie the knot.Are you wearing the same beautiful blue dress and is your husband in Scottish attire again?
I hope both your siblings are doing well so that you will have a carefree second wedding day.
Greetings from the Netherlands

gpc said...

Hello Marie Louise, and thank you. My granddaughter fully approved the bead, saying it was really pretty and she liked that it was sentimental. I can't wait to be able to finish the quilt; it will be simple appliqué but so filled with memories!

We haven't practiced the knot in awhile, so we will need to refresh that skill! We haven't decided what to wear yet, either. We are waiting to see how the weather develops in Illinois. It might be quite warm by then, and if that is the case, heavy wool kilts and velvet might not be the most comfortable. I hope I don't need to find a new dress though!