Sunday, December 1, 2019

Lucky Me

Yesterday was my birthday.    It was a really lovely day, even though the end result is that I am not Older Than Dirt.   The night before I received my last November bouquet of flowers, lovely white roses.

On my Birthday morning we woke up and sat by the fire in our mish-mashed pajamas -- both of us pull together whatever collection of fleece is clean and available to sit around on chilly mornings -- and Jack made coffee since I had forgotten to set it up the night before.   I sat and sat and sat until I could sit no more, and then we went out to breakfast at the local fancy hotel, a pretty typical breakfast but a lovely setting.  From there we went to Starbucks for my free birthday hot cocoa (made with almond milk so I don't have to regret it later!) and picked up a couple other birthday freebies before returning to my chair by the fire.  While I sat, checked my Facebook greetings, and worked on our Christmas cards, Jack put up the Christmas tree (which I will think about decorating today . . . although I love it with just the lights).

We went to dinner with friends -- all of them are on some special diet or other so we waited until we got home to have a glass of wine . . . by the fire.   Just a lovely day.

But back now to the Real World.  We were awakened some time around 4 am by a falling branch as a result of last night's ice storm.  We have about 3/10 of an inch of ice and now there is snow accumulating on top of it.  Our upstairs bedroom is a little like sleeping in a tent.   We hear every turn of weather.   We love that about it . . . most of the time . . . but by the time Jack was done this morning investigating the property for damage, we were both up and any dreams of sleeping in were done.   Or at least mine are done -- I see that he is about to doze off on the couch.  Branches are still falling.  We are warm and cozy here but the power is out at his "old" house so we will need to check it a few times -- power at the other house is not expected back on until tomorrow sometime, and that is only if conditions city-wide don't get worse.   I'm hoping it's a good reminder to him that two houses are too many!

Here, I have a pot of soup simmering on the stove and my feet propped up by the fire, finally drinking that Starbucks cocoa.  Mmmmm.   Even when it isn't my birthday, I am living the good life!


Barbara said...

Sounds like a lovely relaxing birthday celebration. Man, I’m sorry about the ice. It’s beautiful, but so destructive.

Marie Louise said...

Your christmastree looks lovely already and the outside of your house also with all the snow and ice, but it will be a pain to have to do your groceryshopping with the icy roads, I guess.
I am glad for you that you had a nice birthday.

Denise :) said...

Your roses are super beautiful! The snow and ice on the trees is beautiful and make the perfect backdrop for soup and cocoa ... if they're framed by the window and you're by the fire! LOL! Nicely done! :)