Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Dull Days of Winter

We are settling into the gray days of Michigan winter, when every glimpse of sunshine is cause for celebration.  Maybe it seems especially dull because family is busy during the school year and, as a retired person, I don't have a schedule to keep me moving.   I really need, or at least want to create a more scheduled life for myself, and I tease myself with ideas about yoga and book clubs and sewing circles, but I am not sure yet where to find any of those things.   And, of course, we are still in moving stage, since my husband's furniture is still not here in the 'new' house.   He started again yesterday, hauling empty drawers and full boxes with no clear plan for where they will go, so what little order I had created is gone.   As the clutter steps up again, I am as guilty as he is of letting other things go, creating a snowball into chaos effect.   We will try to pull it back together today, but the quick descent into clutter will begin again tomorrow when he brings another load, until he is finally moved in and then maybe this part of the cycle can end.   People tell us to allow a year after moving to be settled, but it's too soon to tell yet when the actual beginning of that year will really be.

Since my surgery is scheduled for January 23 (despite the ongoing conflict in my mind), I have plenty of excuses to put off planning for things that would help create a pattern in my life, classes, or menus or even new furniture shopping.  An object at rest stays at rest.  As so, doing my part to support science, I do.  But my dreams lately are filled with lists of thing that should have been finished weeks ago.  

In my laziness, too, I have had too much time to brood on everything from the changes in human civility, to the deplorable lack of common sense and understanding of science, especially involving politics and climate change.   I am so lucky and warm and comfortable, with a world falling apart around me.   It is hard sometimes to know how to feel.

I did manage to do a little work in the (very messy and disorganized) sewing room.   I made a few little ornaments that went on the tree shortly before we took it down.  I put two of the little gnomes on my Grands' packages for Christmas.    My goal had been to make them for my whole family, but I felt lucky to get done what I did.   The other was a free Kimberbelle pattern, cute.

Now, although I have lots of other things I should probably be sewing (and doing) instead, I am working on a table runner for February.   It is a Sweet Pea design, one of my favorite companies for embroidery files for my machine.

It would be nice if it is finished in time for THIS February, but as you can see, I am not making a lot of demands on myself!   Besides, we don't really have a table yet . . .  we are still using the old card tables that I moved from my basement, "just in case" we might need them some day.  But this is small stuff, that hopefully we will look back at one day and laugh.  And really, if it turns out that I am eating at a card table for the rest of my life, there are worse things.

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Marie Louise said...

First off all:I love the embroidered hearts. It is a good thing you could find your embroideriemachine in your house and are already are doing something for yourself. Second: Just enjoy all your free time. It is a nice thing you don't have rush all the time. I guess you have done that enough in your former life as a working woman and third: I totally understand your feeling of bewilderment of our time. It is a strange world where we are living in nowadays.